Q3 2023

10. 10. EUBN Q3 2023 Nov22729 Easy Bathrooms, a rising star in the UK among bathroom product providers and design supplies, has hired Deposco to provide them with a much-needed warehouse management system. This software is designed to deliver organization through automation, without losing any control or transparency of inventory. Find out how Deposco's WMS solution empowered Easy Bathrooms to continue to grow. Deposco, the omnichannel fulfillment supply chain solutions platform for brand owners, retailers, ecommerce, and 3PL companies, has signed Easy Bathrooms as a new customer. Easy Bathrooms is on a steep growth path in the UK. With 135 stores in action today and a further 65 set to open soon, the company needed a fulfillment solution that could keep up with its plans for rapid expansion. Deposco’s end-to-end omnichannel planning and fulfillment solution was the perfect fit. The Deposco solution will help Easy Bathrooms manage its 350,000-square-foot warehouse more efficiently, provide an accurate, real-time view of inventory to quickly satisfy customer orders, and remove a raft of manual processes across the business. “We chose to work with Deposco because they understand our business and demonstrated the knowledge to support our growth objectives,” said Craig Waddington, Founder and CEO of Easy Bathrooms. ”The Deposco solution will give us the control, visibility, and accuracy we need to continue to deliver a great customer experience through enabling our warehouse to operate more efficiently. This will free us to focus on growing the Easy Bathrooms retail footprint.” The roll-out of the Deposco solution at Easy Bathrooms is set to be completed within a 90-day timeframe. Once fully implemented, the Deposco solution is expected to prove to be a vehicle to grow the business and make products available to customers at optimum price and availability levels. Easy Bathrooms will initially deploy one element of the overall Deposco solution, its Warehouse Management Software (WMS), in time for peak season trading later this year. Over the medium term, Easy Bathrooms and Deposco plan to work together to achieve complete visibility of inventory and generate management information across the operation before going on to drive further operational benefits. Longer term, Easy Bathrooms is looking for the Deposco solution to help them assimilate new stores into their portfolio; expand their product range; and launch new channels to market to better serve new business opportunities. Will Lovatt, Vice President and General Manager, Europe at Deposco said: “We are proud to be supporting Easy Bathrooms on their journey to becoming the UK’s premier bathroom retailer. Their energy and drive to deliver fabulous results are wellmatched to the culture at Deposco. We’re loving the opportunity to innovate together to fulfill orders for a greater number of new Easy Bathrooms customers as effectively as possible.” More information on Deposco’s end-to-end omnichannel planning and fulfillment solution can be found at deposco.com. Bathroom giant, Easy Bathrooms opts for Deposco fulfilment solution to drive UK growth