Q3 2023

12. EUBN Q3 2023 Sendoso Introduces Predictable Pricing for Higher ROI: A Revolutionary Approach to Transparent Shipping and Handling Fees Sendoso, the pioneer in direct marketing automation, is thrilled to unveil Predictable Pricing, a groundbreaking addition to its platform. With a relentless focus on customer experience, this innovative enhancement offers a seamless and fully transparent shopping journey by meticulously outlining all-inclusive shipping and handling fees for all inventoried sends. By embracing this new pricing structure, customers can navigate easily and confidently, bidding farewell to hidden fees and unexpected charges. Organizations seek efficient workflows and predictable expenses. Sendoso's Predictable Pricing delivers effortless budgeting and planning. It encompasses the combined costs of personalized items, shipping, and handling fees. This transparency ensures streamlined processes and provides companies a clear understanding of expenses incurred through the Sendoso platform. "We are excited to introduce Predictable Pricing to our valued customers," said Kris Rudeegraap, co-founder and CEO of Sendoso. "Our mission has always been to provide exceptional solutions that simplify the process of sending personalized gifts and experiences. With Predictable Pricing, we are taking a significant step forward in providing our customers with a transparent and predictable cost structure." Key Benefits of Sendoso's Predictable Pricing include: • Simplified Experience: Customers will enjoy a clear breakdown of the item cost and shipping and handling fees with Sendoso’s platform, enabling them to easily and accurately budget for any sending campaign. • Predictability: By knowing the total cost upfront, companies can accurately plan and allocate resources, avoiding unexpected financial burdens. • Full Transparency: Sendoso values transparency and believes in building trusted relationships. With Predictable Pricing, customers can make informed decisions based on a comprehensive view of costs, ensuring no surprises down the line. “Sendoso's tiered pricing is a total game changer for direct marketing campaigns,” said Neil Shah, Head of Product Marketing at Sendoso. “Transparent pricing puts businesses back in control of their budgets. We listen to our customers and understand their top concern is increasing customer retention while ensuring the long-term value and a tangible ROI of every campaign. We’ve made things simple – no confusing pricing tiers or complicated surcharges to worry about. With our transparent pricing, businesses can unlock the true power of efficient growth and customer retention, delivering customized experiences and unforgettable moments.” In addition to its transparent pricing, Sendoso goes above and beyond to enhance the user experience. These additional benefits include: • Tiered Pricing: With Sendoso's tiered pricing, customers get complete predictability and a clear understanding of fulfillment costs. Budgeting and campaign planning become a breeze, making your life easier. And the benefits don't stop there! By avoiding unexpected expenses and inefficient sending, Sendoso will help customers save thousands yearly. • SLA Guarantee: Sendoso takes pride in having the fastest industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at its fulfillment centers, ensuring orders are processed quickly and efficiently. • In-House Fulfillment: Sendoso-owned fulfillment centers remove sourcing headaches, storage costs, and tracking worries, eliminating hefty support expenses for customers. By harnessing tiered pricing and leveraging Sendoso logistics expertise, customers can reinvest their budgets back into their campaigns. To learn more about Sendoso's Predictable Pricing and how it can unlock long-term campaign ROI, please visit sendoso.com. Feb23297 This innovative enhancement offers a seamless and fully transparent shopping journey by meticulously outlining all-inclusive shipping and handling fees for all inventoried sends.