EU Business News Q4 2018

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2018 , Intelligent Investor Property Portal Finds Britain’s Highest Yields One and Only Pro Launches to Shake up Buy-to-Let Property Investment Market. Even for the most experienced investors, finding, comparing and buying property is a time consuming, onerous process and carries varying degrees of risk. One and Only Pro hopes to change that - using mathematical analysis and an easy to understand scoring system, the One and Only Pro property portal allows investors to find the best deals on the market. The unique algorithm shows the properties most likely to increase in value and accurate potential yields. One and Only Pro gives investors the information they need at the touch of a button. The site is the brainchild of property investors including Henri Sant-Cassia, “Most property investors buy based on a combination of experience, knowledge of the area and gut feeling” says Henri, “But we knew there was a way we could build an intelligent property portal specifically for property investors. The system accounts for both macro level events like rate rises and local intelligence like comparables to accurately predict which properties are most likely to rise in value”. One and Only Pro only lists properties considered to be viable for investment, so shared ownership, retirement and other unsuitable property types are stripped out. Everything listed has been pre-vetted for investment, unlike a typical property portal where the whole market is on show. One and Only Pro has identified 172 property hotspots and all of the investment properties are based around these areas– behind the scenes over 200,000 properties are researched and compared, but members only see the ones with investment potential, saving them time and money. Properties are given a score from one to ten. The higher the score, the more likely it is to rise in price. Properties which score ten are once in a lifetime investment - and they sell fast. Properties with scores of between seven and nine are great investments and will outperform other similar properties. There is also a yield percentage available for every property. One and Only Pro’s data analysts and researchers meticulously check the true rental yield of properties throughout England and Wales. They look for the actual rents being achieved in the area for comparable properties and also take into account market trends so investors can price their rentals with the most up to date returns available. A quick search of the site easily throws up some interesting ‘tens’ for consideration including an apartment in Manchester on the market for £80,000 with a yield of 9.75%, an apartment in Leeds priced at £40,000 with a yield of 21% and a house in Manchester on the market for £130,000 with a yield of 6.69%.