EU Business News Q4 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2018 5 NEWS , Altran is one of the core partners providing engineering support to Costain on the Highways England A2/M2 connected corridor pilot, a joint project involving Highways England, Department for Transport, Kent County Council and Transport for London. Demonstrated in October, Costain and its partners have provided the technology to power pioneering work to transform journeys through advanced connectivity between vehicles and the road. Costain has been trialling the wireless transmission of data pertaining to road safety to and from test vehicles, which have been fitted with onboard technology to communicate with roadside units and the service provider via cellular communication. Altran has been engaged to design the in-vehicle ‘Human Machine Interface’ (HMI), with the objective of clearly displaying external and in-vehicle data in cars adapted for the project’s test site. The global leader in engineering and R&D services is leveraging the capability of its international innovation and design teams, whose expertise in complex HMI work has supported top- tier organisations including BT, Engie, NATS and Porche. Engineers involved in two previous test corridor projects in France and the Netherlands are informing the team’s approach, ensuring test vehicle connectivity while maintaining cyber security. The results of the pilot will be used to develop connected vehicle standards and facilitate the widescale deployment of connected vehicle technology. Ian Henderson, Costain Service Delivery Director, Technology Capability, said: “Costain’s role as the integrator on A2/M2 is to ensure the right people are brought into the project to deliver their specialist and expert advice at just the right time. Altran’s expertise in complex HMI technologies is essential to the success of this project.” Bobby John, Automotive and Industrial Division Director at Altran UK, commented: “We’re proud to be making an important contribution to work ensuring the safe introduction of connected technologies to UK highways, which will further the progress of digital transformation across our national infrastructure.” Seuss Recruitment BV, a recruitment partner providing recruitment solutions to the Life Sciences industry has appointed Privatimus GmbH, a German security consultancy specializing in strategic security concepts as their partner in appli- cant pre-employment screening. This partnership provides Seuss Recruitment access to Privati- mus’ global expertise in compre- hensive applicant background checks and verification, to assure highly qualified candidates for their clients in the Life Sciences industry. “Pre-employment screening is already a standard procedure for hiring new employees in the USA and many other countries, with rapidly growing interest in Eu- rope,” said Sven Leidel, Partner at Privatimus. “In-depth applicant checks confirming what is stated on a CV, such as duration of employment, job title, description and responsibilities, education credentials, and professional certificates are essential in re- ducing risks for employers during the hiring process. Statistically speaking, approximately two- thirds of all applications show in- consistencies, at various degrees of severity.” With a vast candidate network uniquely spanning both Europe and North America, Seuss Recruitment has crafted the art of modern match making in providing recruitment solutions to the Life Sciences industry, in- cluding pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, and nutrition industries. “Few employers will dig beneath the surface to confirm validi- ty of information provided by the candidate, such as their expertise and qualifications,” said Sabine Hutchison, CEO of Seuss Recruitment. “Some cite ethical concerns and time, while many others are unsure where to begin or where digging is allowed. “This gets especially complicated in an international hiring situa- tion. Which law applies, for ex- ample, if the employer is located in Germany, the position is in the Connected Road Solution Already Tested In Mainland Europe Arrives In UK Altran part of the UK’s first pilot connected vehicle corridor. Netherlands and the candidate is originally from Russia with work experience also in the US and UK? Now we’re getting into some murky legal waters, which is why an experienced profes- sional company like Privatimus is critical for us to work with.” Areas of expertise offered by Privatimus in pre-employment screening include verification of certificates and references, com- parison of the CV with accompa- nying documents, Open Source Intelligence, integrity tests and more. “Our proven approach to candidate reviews gives Seuss Recruitment’s clients assurance in protecting their business inter- ests,” added Leidel. “Confidence in an applicant’s presentation on a CV is a starting point, but confirmation of the information is critical in hiring truly qualified employees.” “Using a comprehensive back- ground screening program with expert services from Privatimus will increase the quality of new hires, and thus our client’s con- fidence in hiring their next new employee,” concluded Hutchison. “Talent acquisition can be a struggle for many businesses, and qualifying candidates with accurate information is a great portion of that struggle. New hires are costly, and we believe that much more time should be invested at the beginning of the process, to assure the most synergistic match between candidates and our clients at a global scale.”