Q4 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2021 15 , Few can argue with what the team at Vitality Innovation are doing. Their eye for the potential of the future has put them one step ahead of the competition, ready and waiting for traditional scientific thinking to be usurped. The team’s unique approach has brought them incredible opportunities. We can’t wait to see what they will achieve next. Company: Vitality Innovation Name: Mikkel Raaholt, DVM Email: [email protected] Web Address: http://vitalityinnovation.no/ Aug21066 Best Animal Health Product Development Company - Norway The world of traditional pharmaceuticals is being transformed bymodern technology. The teamat Vitality Innovation are leaders in the field, named Best Animal Health Product Development Company – Norway in EU Business News’ Scandinavian Business Awards 2021. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of the team’s incredible success. When the team at Vitality Innovation first opened their doors, it was to develop viable replacement products for traditional pharmaceuticals. With a workflow that covers the full extent of the production, from initial research through to manufacturing and marketing, they have proven themselves to be a trusted and skilled operator in this area. Since it first opened its doors seventeen years ago, Vitality Innovation has played a major part in the reduction of the use of antibiotics in medical care. Many of their products intended specifically for animal use are provided to distributors, apothecary chains, veterinary clinics and pet stores directly. These suppliers trust the team to deliver the best in service for our animal friends. The team at Vitality Innovation pride themselves on their unique products, based in their own patents. The development of these products is due, in no small part, to the choice to follow the strictest scientific principles throughout the development process. The firm works alongside renowned facilities such as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences to ensure the most sophisticated product line is constantly available to the public. The success of Vitality Innovation has come, in no small part, from the success of its incredible staff. The team not only bring a knowledge of animal science and veterinary medicine to the table, but the soft skills of adaptability, commercial awareness and an outgoing nature. Far from a purely academic pursuit, the team at Vitality Innovation know that their success is only possible through an ability to combine science and commerce in equal measure. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the firm to slow down production, with many delays to the supply chain. Production costs have also increased during this time as a result of this international challenge. That said, while maintaining supplies has been difficult, the interest in what the Vitality Innovation team have to offer has never been higher. As more people have become not only aware, but interested in what the team have to offer, it is clear that Vitality Innovation will have to work hard to ensure that the slowly opening doors remain open to them moving forward. The desire to distribute products on an international level is what will push Vitality Innovation to the next level. While supply chains are still challenged, the firm remains hopeful for a bright future. Distribution agreements on the global stage are already in the offing as the team begins to saturate the potential market for their products in Norway. It’s simply not enough that the team achieve the remarkable in one country – they must do so around the world too.