Scandinavian Business Awards 2021

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Scandinavian Business Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Scandinavian Business Awards 27 , Best Floor & Surface Design Company - Denmark Surfaced A/S has completed a vast array of projects over its time in operation, securing its place at the head of the pack in its industry with exemplary work, such as its first project with CLAYWORKS for Danish brand DULONG and DanishNormArchitects. This project, having beenmentioned in the world’s largest designmagazine, was one of the first jobs that catapulted it into the spotlight, but certainly hasn’t been the last. Jun21040 A creative crafts company that has developed a reputation for having a flawless eye for detail in its work, Surfaced A/S is a flooring, walls, and furniture custom design company that prizes its quality and creativity above all else. This business has been characterised by its unique eye across the board when responding to client requests, able to develop something truly stunning that is perfectly individual to that project, with an excellence that is hard to replicate and an innovative way of working that sets it apart from its competition. Surfaced A/S, in essence, works hard to keep abreast of the newest developments and ingenuity in its industry so that it can always be providing its clients with the best of the best – from its sources to its working method, they can rest assured that they will receive only the most up-to- date work possible. Furthermore, it strives to make each of its sources environmentally friendly, doing an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to its corporate environmental responsibility. It’s carefully Whilst all of its materials are a wide range in order to offer its clients a good amount of choice, all of them have a few things in common; they are elegant, unique, raw, aesthetically stunning, and organic in their expression, able to fit to a variety of briefs. Furthermore, due to the name it has made for itself is established and well-renowned architecture circles, it has cut its teeth on collaborations with some of the most reputable architecture companies in Denmark, carrying out high-end projects for well-known brands that believe in the beauty and power of raw materials, having worked together to create gorgeous portfolio work. These are available for perusal through its website, giving a prospective client a clear view of exactly how and why Surfaced A/S has become a darling of its sector. With clean lines, modern aesthetics, and an ability to reflect the client’s own personality back at them through the design and development of its products, it works hard to add value to its clients lives by ensuring that its products fit seamlessly around their lifestyle. Therefore, as well as creating beautiful environments, it also selected range of ecologically sourced and thoroughly top- of-the-range coatings are millimetre-thin and provide an extra lease of life for a space, re-invigorating it in such a way that will always perfectly match the client’s requirements, no matter how strict the brief’s specifications. Additionally, these are award-winning, and have earned Surfaced A/S it’s place as a front-runner of decorative surfaces. In tandem with this, it’s a going concern in terms of the supply of exclusive, handmade, natural, joint-free surfaces in concrete floors. It can even provide micro- cement, clay, and lime plaster, with all of its products having been created by consummate professionals who are each expert in their fields, something that is abundantly clear through the excellence of everything they create. Thus, its products have been used and lauded as outstanding by a wide-ranging and diverse market segment, from design and construction professionals to private individuals wishing to recreate their homes with a beautifully unique design element in the floor, walls, ceilings, or furniture. Best Floor &Surface DesignCompany - Denmark creates practical environments, guiding the eye and creating a healthy living space that will support their everyday life. This is all part of its mission. Fundamentally, it wishes to achieve the status of ‘the best in the business’ amongst its competitors – something that gets closer every day as it continues to prove itself to both clients and peers – and is working hard to realise this vision by serving every client to the best of its ability. With each job, it refines its knowledge and skills even further, focusing down on the details in the most granular fashion in order to ensure that every single element of a product is perfect. Working in this way has given it a reputation for diligence and tenacity that its staff uphold day by day, and that its clients benefit from with the consistent brilliance of the work it adds to their projects with various ethically responsible and aesthetically fitting surfaces. It is also curious, keeping itself at the forefront of industry developments out of a pure passion for these things, as well using it as a means through which to get ahead. This has allowed it to keep in touch with like-minded manufacturers who serve its needs, delivering the best quality and service, and aligning themselves with the work-ethic and standards held by Surfaced A/S. Recently, it is excited to say that Scandinavian design trends are embracing its style of work more than ever, allowing it to create artistic and natural expressions that are gentle on the senses and yet eye-catching. Surfaced A/S is also pleased to announce that even though Covid-19 has been a challenge for businesses all around, it has been able to continue stepping up to the plate for its clients; with people spending more time in their abodes than ever, the home has become the centre of operations for everything in life from work to socialisation and leisure. Consequently, Surfaced A/S has been called upon to create the interiors of the future for its clients, developing spaces that befit the new unique pressures of everyday life. It has also seen people investing in their offices, restaurants, and shops, as well as their private residences, taking the lockdowns as a sign that a change is in order – something that Surfaced A/S has been more than happy to step up and help them complete in time for the re- openings. It is also pleased to have seen environmental consciousness become more of a priority for its market segment. Thus, the recent paradigm has been Surfaced A/S’s time to shine, proud to be a thriving part of the Scandinavian tradition for stunning interior design and industry-leading craftsmanship, excited to become more known as it continues to wow both its competitors and clientele. Surfaced A/S, therefore, feels this connection very deeply and fosters this attitude throughout its team, each staff member continually striving to better themselves and their knowledge in order to provide the best customer service and end result for a project. The team motivate and encourage each other, trusting in the expertise of their colleagues and recognising good work with gratitude and support. Therefore, when it recruits new people, its most pressing demand of them is that they can fit into this existing dynamic and make themselves a cornerstone of the friendly, good natured environment that Surfaced A/S has developed over time. In order to continue this dedication to further upskilling and development, it is looking forward to expanding soon, broadening its product range of exclusive surface manufacturers to include English company CLAYWORKS and Italian cement and concrete worker IDEALWORK. Company: Surfaced A/S Contact: Katherine Benton Website: