German Business Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards 9 g Heinrich Göbel GmbH: H E I N I C H G O B E s e i t 1 9 2 4 L Given the firm’s extensive family history, the focus moving forward is in nurturing new talent to stay at the company for many years to come. Indeed, having already trained more than 400 individuals at Heinrich Göbel, the company has played an instrumental role in ensuring the future of the firm and the automotive industry across the region and beyond. Cars and automobiles have been a key focus of technolog- ical advancements in recent years, with automatic driving and artificial intelligence playing a significant role. In this environ- ment, with both one eye cast to the future and one firmly on the successes of the past, Heinrich Göbel have become stalwarts of this sector - driven by a simple passion for vehicles and engineering. By all regards, this third-generation family firm are well deserving of their enduring success, thanks to their inno- vation, devotion and excellence in serving the needs of the German automotive industry. Contact Details: Company: Heinrich Göbel GmbH Contact: Stefan Göbel Website: Birò is 100% electric. And thus 100% good to the environment. Birò is the perfect electric utility vehicle for the city. Heinrich Göbel ensures the best mobility. From very modern to very classic.