2018 Iberian Business Awards 2018

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Iberian Business Awards , Cambridge House Best Exam Preparation Courses Provider - Spain With over 30 years’ experience in the market, Cambridge House supports all age groups and levels and specialises exclusively in teaching English, with a focus on both acquiring official Cambridge certificates and on improving general communication skills. Penny Rollinson, co-owner and Director of Studies, provides us with a fascinating overview of the firm and the support it provides to its valued clients. IBB18007 Contact Details Company: Cambridge House Contact: Penny Rollinson Address: C/Lopez de Hoyos, 95, 1ºA, Madrid 28002, Spain Phone: 0034 681346677 Website: www.cambridge-house.com universally accepted levels of English language ability. Many of our teachers are Cambridge oral examiners, and thanks to this, as well as to our years of experience, we consider ourselves to be experts in the field of Cambridge English exams. Therefore, we are able to help our students to acquire the qualifications they really need to complete their CVs and be prepared for the global world we live in.” Over recent years, English communication levels in Spain have risen enormously; due to the Spanish peoples’ ability to react to the demand for this language and their willingness to work Initially established in 1987 with just one centre, through hard work, excellent staff and being innovative, Cambridge House has managed to grow and open six centres in Madrid, providing exceptional support to a range of clients. Penny discusses the services that the firm provides in more detail, with particular attention to its links to the renowned education city Cambridge, in England. “At Cambridge House, we have always worked as an official preparation centre for the Cambridge Assessment exams as we consider these exams and their examination board to be of the very highest standard, as they provide a benchmark for hard to acquire it and Cambridge House has been very happy to help them achieve this. However, this increased focus on English has led to greater competition for the firm, and as such, it has had to work hard to set itself apart, as Penny explores. “Personally, I believe that what sets Cambridge House apart from other English education providers is that we are an academy set up by educators and not just business people, which helps us to maintain our passion and real dedication to high standards of teaching and allows us to have an excellent rapport with our teaching staff, which is reflected in our day to day working atmosphere. Furthermore, we are innovators and have taken risks to improve and grow as an educational business, by introducing new technology and investigating new markets.” This focus on growth will remain central for Cambridge House as the firm looks towards a bright future. With the increasing focus on technology in the coaching industry, Penny is keen to explore the firm’s innovative new solution in her concluding comments. “Going forward, we have many future plans for Cambridge House; one of which is our new venture into the world of English teaching online. Talking Online was launched on the 3rd September 2018 with great enthusiasm and the expectation of reaching many new students who, due to timetable or geographic restrictions are not able to attend classroom lessons. By teaching through small video conference classes, we hope to maintain a friendly, but professional atmosphere which is conducive to maximum learning.”

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