2018 Iberian Business Awards 2018

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Iberian Business Awards , Capenergy Medical Best Medical Devices Manufacturer - Spain CapenergyMedical is a pioneer in the innovation, development andmanufacture of a range of medical devices. As part of our showcase of a selection of our winners from this years’ Iberian Business Awards we profiled the firm to offer an insight into the techniques it employs to drive it to success. The firm’s devices are used by a range of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Sports, Cosmetic Medicine, Intraoral and Uro- gynaecological clinics. Alongside the sale of its innovative technology, the firm IBB18006 Established in 1984, Capenergy is a prominent manufacturer company of Tecartherapy machines based in Barcelona, Spain, and supporting clients around the world. adds value to clients by providing training to their professionals on the use of its solutions. The application of tecartherapy in Spain is quite widespread, although not as much as in Italy or France, where is recommended by the Public Health Service. However, patients themselves are becoming increasingly clear that they want effective treatment results, and in that Capenergy can guarantee results. The firm aims to support them and increase patient and practitioner knowledge on this currently overlooked form of therapy and the benefits it has to offer. Located in the town of Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, the company has a staff of approximately 30 people and distributes its equipment across five continents. The firm’s dedicated team are able to support clients around the world, and are committed to driving the firm towards even greater success. As a dynamic and proactive firm, for Capenergy the research and development of new devices and accessories is vital, and the firm constantly aims to meet the ever- evolving needs of its clients. The firm has carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive medical devices market. Internally, Capenergy is a clear example of internal culture

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