2018 Iberian Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Iberian Business Awards 9 g Capenergy Medical Contact Details Company: Capenergy Medical Contact: Olga Sokolova Address: Avinguda Mare de Deu de Montserrat, 41, BIS, 08970 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, Spain Phone: 0034 93 477 43 48 / Whats App: + 34 661 749 790 Website: www.capenergy.com oriented to the client. The firm have software resources for better monitoring and internal coordination. Feedback from patients is crucial to the constant evolution of the company’s technologies, and as such it is constantly taking this into account and performing additional tests and trials to ensure excellence. Perfect adaptation of technology to the human body and making the work of the health practitioner easier is one of the aspects that concern the firm most. Every member of the team is driven and focused on ensuring that patients receive only the very highest possible standard of therapy that offers the best possible results. Going forward, Capenergy will continue with research and clinical studies as part of the future of innovation, whilst ensuring it continues to comply with sanitary regulations that are increasingly demanding. The adaptation of technology to the human body and facilitate the professional’s work is one of the aspects that most concern the firm, as the firm is aware that new technologies will allow it to collect data on treatments that will enable it to conduct research. The future is a two- way bidirectional link between the machine´s interface and the patient, and that is where Capenergy is going to be. Ultimately, investing in the future is not always easy, however this will remain the core focus for Capenergy as it looks forward to many exciting years ahead.

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