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Is there a more noble cause than training the workforce of today to cope with the challenges of tomorrow? Here at Corporate Vision Magazine, we cannot think of one, which is why we seek to honour all those who go above and beyond in the Private Education sector in the Education & Training Awards 2022. With the need to improve one’s skills and abilities, comes the need for quality, informative education delivery and learning materials, as such Corporate Vision take pride in providing the platform where the efforts of all involved in workplace education and training for a fourth consecutive year. The pandemic has placed a strain on education, leading to the requirement for new, innovative ways to teach, learn and train. It also saw a drive for re-employment, with professionals looking to hone their skills, or explore new skill sets to alter their career paths. Our Awards have always been centred around recognising and rewarding the determination, ambition, and excellence of the world’s finest educators - from the key education providers, to training specialists and educational technology innovators. Regardless of size and reach, the Education & Training Awards will be assessed and judged purely on merit and excellence, this approach enables us to ensure that only the most deserving, innovative and dedicated are acknowledged. Taking part in an award programme like the Private Education Awards 2022, is a spectacular way of showcasing the strengths and successes of your institution. It shows your confidence in the efforts of your staff and students and signifies to potential learners, and their parents, the quality and belief you have in your institution, that you welcome the scrutiny of an outside organisation. Those who are successful within the Education & Training Awards will be given the opportunity to access materials which help showcase and market your success to learners, parents, and other stakeholders. We currently offer a variety of promotional items and industry-leading services to help enhance the impetus of any success whilst also increasing the reach as you display the acumen and strengths which won you your award. 2022 Education and Training Awards introduction Introduction corporatevision-news.com Introduction introduction Introduction

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packages Silver Package 995 GBP packages Award Title Company Name/Logo Has Been Named: This is to certify that: CERTIFICATE Education and Training Awards 2022 2 dedicated pages of content Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Bespoke digital certificate Shipping included Company Name Award Title 2022 packages Gold Package packages Front cover logo 2 dedicated pages of content Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Bespoke digital certificate Shipping included Award Title Company Name/Logo Has Been Named: This is to certify that: CERTIFICATE Education and Training Awards 2022 Issue 7 2022 11 A Modern Recruitment for the Digital Age Jobilla, as ‘2022’s Leading AI-Powered Recruitment Technology Startup’, has cut its teeth on serving the modern jobseeker, and the modern employer. With an increasingly globalised and digital job market, and an international push for industries everywhere to adapt themselves to fit a busier and busier new epoch in which recruitment and employment are big concerns, Jobilla has made itself an invaluable partner to its clients. Critically, it matches talent with those seeking said talent, bringing the importance of personality and ambition back to recruitment whilst cutting the bloatware of traditional mediums. Operating with a digital headhunt in mind, Jobilla is a recruitment agency that recruits people in a candidate driven manner. Fundamentally, its efforts are in finding the right role for the right person, in a process that eliminates the unnecessary stress and bloatware from online recruitment by utilising the power of artificial intelligence. It can take up to only 3 minutes for the candidates to participate in a candidate driven environment, allowing them to participate in a quicker, easier process that benefits both the recruiter and the recruited parties in a job-hunting scenario. Moreover, Jobilla’s companies benefit from their roles being advertised to people who are not actively looking for a job, but who would be interested if one came up, ensuring that no one misses out on a potentially game changing opportunity. Its clients – people from all manner of different sectors with all manner of different skills – vary in experience level and focus, creating a diverse pool of candidates that each boast their own unique talents displayed in a way that breathe new life into the job market and replace the legacy processes that tend to strip the humanity from recruitment. If one cannot get a sense of what kind of person they are recruiting, after all, then the tool they are using is effectively worse than useless. This is because in order to gauge whether someone is a good fit for a role, one must first know more about them than just their qualifications. A job is more than just what one has the capacity to achieve, but about how one will fit into the wider scheme of a company, including participating in teams and working in tandem with the organisation’s overall goals. When this is achieved, an organisation can build a strong pool of staff with which they will be able to achieve new heights of success that would otherwise be unobtainable; Jobilla is excited to be able to be the recruitment agency able to make this happen, and the agency able to help employees move from an unfulfilling job to a fulfilling one. Nominally, it encourages workers to know their worth and to never settle for a job role or company that is not right for them. Instead, it hopes to show these talented people the vast array of businesses crying out for people with their attitudes and skillsets that will suit them much better than their current employment, taking the difficult and cumbersome elements out of job hunting. It does this by way of artificial intelligence, matchmaking, digital marketing, and behavioural sciences. This provides employers and employees with an innovative recruit and job-seeking platform that can unlock boundless human potential and able to keep up seamlessly with changing job market trends by being built by the people behind said trends: the users. Established and developed by young entrepreneurs with a clear-cut vision of what the future of the job market could be, Jobilla’s commitment to its vision has been unshakable. With jobhunting having been a frustrating and time-consuming experience for each of the founders, they founded Jobilla on their faith that there was a better option. Indeed, Jobilla has become this better option, allowing young people and established companies alike access to an emerging new paradigm that is easily accessible and easily understood without hours of sinking time and effort into a position that may or may not be right. Since then, it has been established in over 50 different countries and given reward as among the best top 100 software firms in the world by G2. This has been measured on customer satisfaction alone, hence the absolute value Jobilla has put in this accreditation: it is something that its customer base and its customer base alone has made possible, and something it wishes to extend its thanks out to them for. With its clients continued trust, its commitment to maintaining this trust, and its exemplary ability to remain ahead of the pack both in job-seeking and in software development, it is truly bucking the trend of remaining traditional jobhunting methods. Leading from the front like thus has rendered many of these archaic methods totally obsolete. Bringing back the human connection between candidate and recruiter, its efforts have created a tailor-made and adjustable hiring process that is equal parts platform and partner, working with corporate entities and candidates alike. In putting no party above the other in terms of importance, it creates a space in which candidates have the power over their own employment, and businesses have access to an exemplary talent pool through which they feel like they can get to know their potential candidate. With a sustainable driving force for better at the helm and a running trend of bettering the global recruitment industry prevailing in its business model, it also has been built to be used on both an as-needed and lifelong basis. Users can dip into Jobilla to help them find their next career move, or have it at their right hand throughout their career in order to ensure they are maintaining the path they wish to maintain, able to keep an eye on the fluctuating trends of the job market whilst not wasting hours of time in jobhunting the traditional way, which can be incredibly hit or miss. Designed to befit a new era of workers, and a prevailing paradigm in which digital is the norm for more and more industries that were previously far more analogue, its forecast is continued growth. Additionally, the pandemic’s new global approach to work life has brought about entirely new perspectives for workers, and a more global one at that, as physical location matters far less than it used to for the employers and employees of the world in equal measure. Looking forward to continuing its push for better in the jobseeking world, this innovative young time is determined to keep going from strength to strength, and is excited to continue making its name in this manner long into the future, earning an unblemished reputation amongst its market segment as a result. Company: Jobilla Contact: Pekka Nebelung Website: www.jobilla.com 1,595 GBP Company Name Award Title 2022 *Only 10 available*

Supporting image and headline 2 dedicated pages of content 2 Bespoke trophies Personalised digital logo Bespoke digital certificate 4-Page digital brochure Shipping included packages Platinum Package packages Issue 6 2022 9 A Much-Needed Leg Up Meet the company helping its clients reach that first rung on the property ladder. Having found its start as a business in 1997, Southpoint Financial Services has since surpassed its second decade and reached a running total of 16 states in which it currently operates in the process. With a true dedication to client satisfaction, a hard-working team, and an understanding of the importance of long term relationships between lenders and borrowers that so many of its competitors seem to forget, it has propelled itself into the spotlight of the mortgage lending industry, earning it the title of the ‘Best Full-Service Mortgage Lender’ in 2022 for Georgia. Being a full-service mortgage lender, Southpoint Financial Services works directly with its clients in order to provide the best solutions for all their financing needs when it comes to mortgage programs. Fundamentally, it recognises how difficult mortgages can be to try and get, and wishes to trim the fat from the process, helping its clients to achieve their dreams of home ownership without nearly as much hassle. Its wholesale division is a lender to many community banks and credit unions, as well as mortgage brokers, allowing it to become a cornerstone lender for many and to gain a resulting insight into every process therein with outstanding effectiveness. Licensed in 16 states and counting, its expansion throughout the East Coast has been rapid, impressive, and consistent. Moreover, it shows no signs of stopping; with the reputation it has gained from being able to help clients with an impressive track record for success in securing that perfect property, its emphasis on financial freedom and wealth through home ownership has made it a front-runner in its industry. Many of its buyers are first-time-buyers – a good proportion of whom are also the first in their family to purchase their own home – and Southpoint Financial Services has built an unblemished rapport with this segment of the market due to its focus on education and information. Its borrowers can expect a full rundown of the process from top to bottom. Firstly, it goes into the importance of buying a home in the first place, and the importance of securing one that’s within their financial reach so that should an emergency arise, they aren’t maxed out financially and can remain on top of things. In this way, it pertinently shows how it has no interest in anything other than total and complete transparency when it comes to working with its customers, ensuring that they fully understand the financial commitment they’re making and the mortgage they’re signing up for. This includes going over the responsibilities they have as a homeowner, the effects to their credit score if there is a delinquent mortgage payment, and the extra steps and time it spends with its borrowers to answer any questions, comments, or concerns they might have along the way. Nominally, it gets to know each person it works with on a personal level so that each person involves in a transaction with Southpoint Financial Services comes away feeling supported, confident, and satisfied with the investment they’re making, viewing every mortgage as so much more than just a transaction. Indeed, every mortgage is handing over the keys to someone’s dream home, and that is an incredibly sacred bond of trust. It, in essence, views it as having succeeded when its borrowers can easily afford the amount of loan it puts them in. Serving clients from all different walks of life, it takes pride in helping the first-time buyers with no prior experience and no familial help in the process of home purchase, showing them the truly comprehensive understanding of both the housing market and the mortgage and lending industries in easy-to-understand chunks. In this manner, it promises that it will never deliver its information by using jargon or unnecessarily complex terminology, instead rooting for its borrowers to succeed in their home ownership journey and start their journey up the property ladder, with Southpoint Financial Services having been the leg up that gets them on the first rung. Indeed, often, its clients will come back to it when they’re ready to move up that additional rung or two, having already built up that trust with it and its experts. They can rest assured knowing that they’ve made the best decision for their families, and that when they come back to refinance their mortgage or buy another property, they will be rewarded for having worked with Southpoint Financial Services to do the legwork. This trust makes the whole process that much easier, and the longevity of the relationship makes for a true empathic connection that its team and its customers share. Southpoint Financial Services thanks each one of them for granting it this trust, and repays it by exceeding expectations at every turn; its customers also help it hugely in its growth with the word-of-mouthreferrals it gives and the reviews it leaves, helping it to reach a wider market through its own merit alone. After all, development and expansion made possible by the customer is the most valuable, and by far the most sustainable, something that has allowed it to continually add to the number of states it operates within. This sets its business model apart from its competitors, as is needs to do very little additional marketing. Moreover, its concentration on valuing the client over the transaction has allowed it to truly pull ahead of the pack in its industry despite the healthy amount of competition that exists; the Southpoint Financial Services way is considering the client’s holistic future, not just the present transaction. The employees that make all this possible are the backbone of Southpoint Financial Services. With each of them being empathic, intelligent, and patient, they truly care about the client and the business, operating with a can-do attitude that is unbowed in the face of challenge. Critically, when interacting with a client, the Southpoint Financial Services team understands the importance of the customer experience, always working hard to create added value for a client in everything from how they interact to the processes they implement. Employees within the business are supported, appreciated, and listened to, creating an internal culture of respect and diligence that clients directly benefit from. Looking forward to much more expansion in the coming years, taking its clients with it into the future of mortgage lending, it promises that clients and competitors alike should ‘watch this space’. Company: Southpoint Financial Services Contact: Mindy Rothenberger Website: spfs.com 2,995 GBP Company Name Award Title 2022 Award Title Company Name/Logo Has Been Named: This is to certify that: CERTIFICATE Education and Training Awards 2022 *Only 3 available* Main front cover image and headline 4 dedicated pages of content 2 Bespoke trophies 1 Bespoke wall plaque Personalised digital logo Bespoke digital certificate 8-Page dedicated digital brochure 100 high-quality reprints of your 8-page brochure 2 dedicated pages of content in any future issue of Corporate Vision Magazine Shipping included packages Editor’sChoicePackage 4,995 GBP packages *Only 1 available* Company Name Award Title 2022 Award Title Company Name/Logo Has Been Named: This is to certify that: CERTIFICATE Education and Training Awards 2022

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