2022 Education and Training Award Packges

Is there a more noble cause than training the workforce of today to cope with the challenges of tomorrow? Here at Corporate Vision Magazine, we cannot think of one, which is why we seek to honour all those who go above and beyond in the Private Education sector in the Education & Training Awards 2022. With the need to improve one’s skills and abilities, comes the need for quality, informative education delivery and learning materials, as such Corporate Vision take pride in providing the platform where the efforts of all involved in workplace education and training for a fourth consecutive year. The pandemic has placed a strain on education, leading to the requirement for new, innovative ways to teach, learn and train. It also saw a drive for re-employment, with professionals looking to hone their skills, or explore new skill sets to alter their career paths. Our Awards have always been centred around recognising and rewarding the determination, ambition, and excellence of the world’s finest educators - from the key education providers, to training specialists and educational technology innovators. Regardless of size and reach, the Education & Training Awards will be assessed and judged purely on merit and excellence, this approach enables us to ensure that only the most deserving, innovative and dedicated are acknowledged. Taking part in an award programme like the Private Education Awards 2022, is a spectacular way of showcasing the strengths and successes of your institution. It shows your confidence in the efforts of your staff and students and signifies to potential learners, and their parents, the quality and belief you have in your institution, that you welcome the scrutiny of an outside organisation. Those who are successful within the Education & Training Awards will be given the opportunity to access materials which help showcase and market your success to learners, parents, and other stakeholders. We currently offer a variety of promotional items and industry-leading services to help enhance the impetus of any success whilst also increasing the reach as you display the acumen and strengths which won you your award. 2022 Education and Training Awards introduction Introduction corporatevision-news.com Introduction introduction Introduction