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Contents Page Contributors About EU Business News Testimonials Contributors Our Awards Forward Features Advertising About EU Business News The goal of EU Business News is to give a comprehensive perspective of the European business landscape, highlighting organisations that are setting the bar for excellence and going above and beyond to learn how they are achieving amazing success. EU Business News is owned by AI Global Media. The EU Business News magazine is free to subscribe to and provides many award programmes, as well as publishing a specialised informative quarterly newsletter. We encourage any business owners within Europe to subscribe to our service, there is no excuse not to subscribe to EU Business News as it is a totally free resource that is both interesting and instructive, highlighting the success of the companies and the people that run them from all throughout this thriving region. Testimonials Our Awards The EU Business News Awards believe that such a vibrant and energising region, full of innovation, deserves recognition. As a result, at EU Business News, we celebrate the accomplishments of companies and the people who run them from all around Europe, no matter how big or small. In order to guarantee that our awards serve as a valuable resource for our readers and highlight those who succeed in their respective professions, our committed team is dedicated to conducting extensive research on all of our nominees in order to present the best of the best from Europe. Newsletter Distribution Newsletter Circulation Online Audience Social Media About AI Global Media Contact details We, Novalnet AG, would like to thank the EU Business news for nominating us to be “Best Full-Service Payment Solutions Provider – Europe” in the first place, but even more for winning the award. We really value the recognition and it motivates us to continue our effort to keep our clients happy, and to even greater achievements. It was a pleasure to work with the EU Business news team. Special thanks to Jessie Daykin, Daniel Flowers, Laura Brookes. The editors of EU Business News were very effective, professional and their support for our nomination was excellent. We certainly look forward to cooperate with EU Business news in the future.– Novalnet AG Thank you to all at EU Business News for our nomination and choosing us at Hanlon Art Works for Best Fine Art Portraits Provider 2020 in the Irish Enterprise Awards. You guys have been great. – Stephanie Hanlon We would like to thank the EU Business News for the nomination to be “Best Hotel Strategy Consulting Specialist – Central Europe”. It was a pleasure to work with the team of EU Business News. – Christoph Nussbaumer

Advertising Forward Features Thousands of subscribers across all business sectors in Europe receive our quarterly magazine, EU Business News. Down below, we have included details towards our forward features for the upcoming year. Each feature is open to reader contributions. Please feel free to contact us if you have an idea for an editorial that would fit one of the topics listed in the guide below. Double Page-spread 420 x 297mm Full Page 210 x 297mm The EU Business News magazine is a publication that has a large focus on businesses in Europe. As a result, EU Business News is the ideal platform for promoting any enterprises in Europe because it gives you the chance to reach a sizable target audience and showcase your skills and business knowledge. The EU Business News website has feel good quality and is updated daily with captivating content. The EU Business New magazine offers advertisers the most affordable way and numerous chances to connect with European clients to promote your skills and abilities. Newsletter In addition to the quarterly magazine, the EU Business News newsletter highlights businesses in Europe, promotes content, and alerts readers to our upcoming awards. It’s crucial for everyone to sign up for our newsletter if they want to be updated on the most relevant and recent news in the European industry. Your company may become more recognized as a result of the attention it receives from being included in our newsletter. Circulation 58,000 Open Rate % 39.41 CTR % 3.65 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Issue Forward Features The Green Transition: How European Businesses are Leading the Way in Sustainability The Future of EU Trade Agreements: Navigating a Shifting Global Landscape Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in European Workplaces The Impact of AI and Automation on European Job Markets Deadline Publishing Date 5th January 2024 7th April 2024 5th July 2024 4th October 2024 5th February 2024 7th May 2024 5th August 2024 4th November 2024 Award Nominations Open German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Scandinavian Business Awards 2024 European CEO of the year Awards 2024 European Travel Awards 2024 Benelux Enterprise Awards 2024 French CEO of the Year Awards 2024 German Business Awards 2024 November 2023 November 2023 March 2024 March 2024 April 2024 May 2024 July 2024 July 2024 March 2024 March 2024 July 2024 July 2024 August 2024 September 2024 November 2024 December 2024 Winners Announced

Online Audience Industry Total Food & Beverages Construction & Contractors Home & Garden Legal Services Business & Professional Services Industry & Manufacturing Travel & Tourism Finance Real Estate Health & Medicine Other 17.97% 13.19% 6.10% 5.45% 5.35% 5.03% 4.89% 3.85% 2.20% 1.87% 34.1% Country Total United Kingdom Italy France Spain Germany Other 56.75% 7.30% 5.08% 5.04% 4.49% 21.34% The EU Business News website is frequently updated and offers the most recent European business news, insights, trends, and features to a wide range of users from Europe. Web Users 154,785 Web Page Views 314,947 @EU Business news Followers- 464 @EUbusiness_news Followers- 249 EU Business News Followers- 866 EU Business News has a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with our followers and increase awareness of our brand. The promotion of articles and news stories on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages helps to increase the brand recognition of our contributors and business partners. Social Media About AI Global Media AI Global Media, is a UK-based B2B digital publishing company that gives users information and enables them to market their businesses to a global audience. At the moment, AI Global Media has 14 unique brands, each of which focuses on a different market. Each brand offers a popular digital magazine and email that features the most recent business news. As proud CPD members, AI Global Media is devoted to producing trustworthy content. All issues of BUILD magazine and the brand’s awards supplements have CPD certification. With AI Global Media, you may expand your business with the aid of first-rate content, marketing, and other services from a knowledgeable team. Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters, 1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1LS Advertising and Sales Enquiries Jen Spenser [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0048 Editorial Enquiries Sofi Bajor [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Award Enquiries Awards Team [email protected] +44(0) 203 970 0029