Factory floor 6 Ways the Manufacturing Sector Can Reduce Carbon Emissions In this article, we’ll explore how using the right machinery and components is key to helping your manufacturing organisation not only reduce its greenhouse gas emissions but also save money in the long run. Procurement Benefit From Following a Procurement Process As we approach the end of the 2021, companies are looking for ways that they can strengthen their finances after Covid and against the threat of inflation and interest rate rises next year. Engineer working on a track How Can the Government Provide Support to the Engineering Sector? The engineering sector has had a torrid time in the past 18 months. From project cancellations to a growing skills gap, the industry is in need of government support. Eco friendly food and drink containers Sustainable Dining: How the Food and Drinks Market Is Becoming Eco-Friendly Electrix, manufacturer of Kabelkanal, explores the topic of sustainability within the food and drinks market. What is this industry doing to ensure it provides green, sustainable products? Cafe Staff Christmas Staff Shortage: Vacant Roles in Hospitality Jump by Another 26% Month-on-Month According to new data from the recruitment site, CV Library, job postings in October 2021 were up 26% month-on-month for roles in the hospitality industry, and there was a huge 383% increase compared to the same month last year. Video Editing Eurovision Sport Engage with Blackbird to Drive Cloud Native Video Production Workflow Efficiencies Blackbird plc, the technology licensor, developer and seller of the market-leading cloud native video editing platform, Blackbird, announced today that Eurovision Sport has engaged with Blackbird to drive cloud native video production workflow efficiencies for its members in a...

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EU Business News Q3 2021

It’s a stark difference to this time in 2020, when the region was defined- largely – by uncertainty and the feeling of forever being on the back foot, reacting to change as it arrived on the threshold. While there are sure to be more unexpected twists and turns on the horizon, we have all learned and honed a useful skill to have: adaptability.

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