EU Imports Five Strengths and Five Flaws in the EU’s New Import One-Stop Shop Beleaguered British retailers are braced for yet more changes to how they sell goods to the EU. From 1 July, a new EU Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme means British-based e-commerce companies only need to register and pay VAT... SME Fashion Europe Wide Open Call Launches for SME Businesses in the Fashion Industry As Part of the Small but Perfectly Formed Accelerator Project. Small but Perfectly Formed is a cross Europe collaborative project that will accelerate fashion SME’s to transition to work within circular and sustainable business models. The project aims to select 28 SME led projects from around Europe working within... StartUp Third UK Lockdown Produces Wave of Start-ups The third national UK lockdown produced a wave of start-ups, with arts and crafts the most common type of venture, according to Direct Line business insurance new policy data. Loan investment 2020 Audited Financial Report for Mintos – Europe’s Largest Platform for investing in Loans Mintos, Europe’s leading alternative investment platform for investing in loans, released its consolidated audited financial report for the year 2020 – along with a number of insights about lessons learned and what investors can expect in the near future. Europe 6 Best Countries in Europe to Start a Small Business Revealed A new business takes a lot of courage, and this holds even for small businesses. Entrepreneurs must exercise their proficiency on different levels - from legal to finances, from marketing to sales, there is a lot to take in... Brexit healthcare Brexit to Have More Negative Impact on UK’s Healthcare Sector Than COVID-19 Pandemic While the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) removed the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, it introduced a wide range of changes to the UK’s healthcare industry, ranging from border checks to additional regulations for businesses based in the...

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EU Business News Q2 2021

It has been a challenging start to 2021 for businesses throughout the European Union thanks to a myriad of factors. Chief among them, however, is the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. With countries forced into lockdowns, and businesses of all shapes and sizes paying the price, the resilience demonstrated by these companies has been impressive to witness.

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