Online shopping Small Businesses Profit From Online Shopper's Support The face of online shopping has changed drastically in the past year, and so have our spending habits. Working from home, an influencer influx, and increased savings are just of few of the factors that have altered our shopping... Storage Tax, Tariffs and Port Delays Are Prompting UK Online Retailers to Switch Storage to Europe A growing number of British online retailers are seeking to ease the extra customs and tax administration and costs involved in trading with the EU by shifting stock from UK warehouses to storage facilities on the Continent. Engagement CitizenLab Launches Open Source Engagement Tech To Empower Local Governments Civic Tech platform CitizenLab is today announcing a move to open up the core version of its community engagement software, in an effort to equip smaller organisations and communities with the tools to democratise policy-making by involving more citizens.... Warehouse automation Seven-point Checklist to Warehouse Systems-design Low-CapEx technology is leading SME’s to look at flexible and scalable, warehouse automation as a means to overcoming capacity issues and labour constraints. But how do you ensure a favourable outcome? Here Craig Whitehouse, Managing Director of Invar Integration... Covid digital How COVID-19 Has Forced the World to Go Digital After COVID-19 forced the UK to stay at home, we have had no choice but to make some changes to our everyday lives. A lot of us have used our time wisely and come up with some quirky ways... Virtual reality Nicole Junkermann's Insights on the Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality For decades, virtual reality (VR) was nothing more than a feature of science fiction literature and movies. It has now become a prevailing element of our tech-based societies and is likely to transform our everyday lives in the near...

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Over the last few years, the conversation surrounding climate change has increased with both younger and older generations coming together to find ways to be more sustainable in their day to day lives.

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