Housing Markets British Buyers Discouraged from EU Housing Market Despite Cooling The UK’s housing market has been soaring for the last two years, with house prices skyrocketing because of a lack of supply, tax breaks, and low interest rates. A similar story has also been seen across the EU, with... Globe sitting on an open book with a graduation cap on Why Study an International Business Management Degree Instead of a Standard Business Course? Here, we cover the additional benefits of an international business management degree and why this is a great option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Electric car plugged in a charging port Strategic Partnership Set to Accelerate Transition to Electric Vehicles in the Workplace Durham-based, Anglo Scottish Asset Finance, is partnering with Diode, an electric vehicle (EV) suitability assessment software platform, to help break down the barriers to EV adoption and drive forward electrification in the workplace. Closeup of ghand holding car keys. A car is in the background, out of focus. Private Car Ownership is on the Decline - is Leasing Taking Over? Here, we delve into the rising popularity of hiring your own car or van, while outlining what actions are being taken to shrink the number of private vehicles. Illistrated concept of research and development. A laptop screen with a microscope, magnifying glass, lightbulb, and science beaker Research Finds London Dominates in R&D Tax Credit Claim Value Newly released HMRC figures show London-based companies once again securing a major share of R&D (research and development) tax relief with over £2.3bn paid out in 2019-20. Wooden blocks with B2 on them and one being turned between B and C Emotion Drives B2C Sales, Logic Drives B2B Sales: How To Approach The Two Differently The two industries are very similar - only the buyer really separates the two. But the two different buyers require two very different approaches. Discover more here.

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Q2 2022

The business world may seem more unpredictable now than ever, with post-covid certainly having an impact. But we are moving from what has been extreme unpredictability to a time of constant dynamic change, in what is still a very uncertain business environment. Businesses have had no choice but to digitise in order to stay relevant or even ahead of the game – and many of us are seeking digital solutions in order to improve our lives and our businesses.

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