EU Business News Media Pack

Advertising Forward Features Thousands of subscribers across all business sectors in Europe receive our quarterly magazine, EU Business News. Down below, we have included details towards our forward features for the upcoming year. Each feature is open to reader contributions. Please feel free to contact us if you have an idea for an editorial that would fit one of the topics listed in the guide below. Double Page-spread 420 x 297mm Full Page 210 x 297mm The EU Business Newsmagazine is a publication that has a large focus on businesses in Europe. As a result, EU Business News is the ideal platform for promoting any enterprises in Europe because it gives you the chance to reach a sizable target audience and showcase your skills and business knowledge. The EU Business News website has feel good quality and is updated dailywith captivating content. The EU Business Newmagazine offers advertisers themost affordableway and numerous chances to connect with European clients to promote your skills and abilities. Newsletter In addition to the quarterlymagazine, the EU Business News newsletter highlights businesses in Europe, promotes content, and alerts readers to our upcoming awards. It’s crucial for everyone to sign up for our newsletter if theywant to be updated on the most relevant and recent news in the European industry. Your companymay becomemore recognized as a result of the attention it receives frombeing included in our newsletter. Circulation 58,000 Open Rate% 15 CTR% 1.3 Award Nominations Open German CEOExcellence Awards 2023 Irish Enterprise Awards 2023 Scandinavian Business Awards 2023 European Travel Awards 2023 Benelux Enterprise Awards 2023 French CEOof the Year Awards 2023 German Business Awards 2023 European Enterprise Awards 2023 November 2022 November 2022 February 2023 March 2023 May 2023 June 2023 July 2023 October 2023 Winners Announced March 2023 March 2023 June 2023 July 2023 September 2023 October 2023 November 2023 February 2024 Issue Forward Feature Q1 Q2 Q3 Q3 New innovation and technology trends in Europe for 2023 Deadline Howcountries in Europe are tackling climate change 6th January 2023 th April 2023 7th July 2023 6thOctober Publishing Date 6th February 2023 8thMay 2023 7th August 2023 6th November 2023