Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards 13 , like ‘Play Safe Woodchip’. Meanwhile, the company has also seen strong growth in its soil sales. Compost UK has fantastic loam soil that is ready for the no-dig system when incorporated with compost. Its no-dig system always needs a base of soil and compost, however in future years, pure compost can then be added at the start of winter for the worms to take it in. Finally, Compost UK has seen excellent success in its woodchip product, made from pure willow and harvested from the farm as coppice. Originally for the power industry, it is now a valuable resource for use in gardens as paths, play areas and as a mulch or weed suppressant. In addition to a successful year of sales, Compost UK is able to celebrate its recent award for Green Waste Composter of the Year – UK. As it looks to the remainder of 2021 and beyond, Compost UK will be looking to build on its accolades while making valuable contributions to the environment, one step at a time, with its team of dedicated and innovative creators and partners. Company: Compost UK Contact: Andrew Thompson Address: Murton Hall Farm Hurworth Burn Wingate Co. Durham Web: Compos Email: [email protected] Green Waste Composter of the Year - UK Compost UK is here to bring the best advice and solutions to recycling needs. It is a green waste composter with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons. Based inWingate, County Durham, Compost UK prides itself on its recycling policies which contribute to county and government targets and generate natural habitats for local wildlife. Jun21696 Composting is the natural decomposition of organic matter to form a material full of nutrients for use in agriculture or horticulture. There have been tough targets set for recycling of all waste by the EEC. While 60% of all waste is biodegradable, some can be contaminated with other waste. Compost UK is working to reduce and segregate waste so that farm composting sites will only receive organic waste suitable for land spreading. Farmers are ideally suited to set up sites as they already have the space for composting - in old silage pit yards, for example. The best sites are close to built-up areas and industrial estates as it is the transport that is the major cost of the projects. Compost UK has the machinery required for turning and spreading, with no high-tech requirements necessary. It can use a standard moisture meter probe products. As more farmers are understanding the science behind the soil and the correct balance of nutrients and organic matter within the soil, compost is being recognised as a very valuable source to enhance soil fauna and produce all the nutrients that the growing crop requires. Consequently, farmers are realising that this is as important for grass as it is for all arable crops. For Compost UK, training is an ongoing commitment for the company as is making all staff feel a valued member of the team. This ensures that the team members behind its products are not only educated in the company’s values, morals and passions but are inspired to create a working environment that ensures its members and products are being looked after well. For the company’s future, further expansion in compost sales is the main priority, as well as to add value to its other products, for checking temperature and relative humidity. Additionally, Compost UK can offer help in obtaining the relevant licences, permissions and metaphorically, ‘open doors,’ as it has vast experience in the industry. Compost UK has been composting organic waste for use in agriculture and horticulture since 2001. Sustainability and reliability are at its core to give value and uniformity to its customers. Today, the company formerly known as Wingate LTD, has plans to increase sales to the horticultural and garden trade. Compost UK holds immense knowledge in the industry as the senior team has come from an agriculture background, understanding the requirements of farmers. To take its business forward, Compost UK has connections within the trade to increase sales into garden centres and to the public, adding value to its already fantastic GreenWaste Composter of the Year - UK