Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards 11 , branches in other countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, as this will enable the firm to operate and meet with demands locally. TOSK works as a team and encourages its employees to find a field of interest to focus on. Temitope states, “we find the particular talents in individuals and try to place them in the most suitable positions to help reveal and utilise their bests skills and improve their interest in the area of their work. We look for purpose rather than task- oriented people.” Within the industry, TOSK has created an innovative and passionate team whilst changing the market for the better by producing local and organic agricultural products. Its place in the world has not gone unnoticed after having just won Most Sustainable Agricultural Trading Company 2021. TOSK is growing rapidly and with that, it will be changing the industry with the same vision, mission and determination that has driven the company since day one. Company: TOSK Global Ventures Contact: Temitope Okunjolu Address: BASE Enterprise Centre, Michael Galvin Building, Damastown Road, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, D15 EPP4 Web: Email: [email protected] Most Sustainable Agricultural Trading Company 2021 TOSKGlobal Ventures Limited is an Irish import and export company established to provide quality agricultural products and trading services to its clients. Its location in one of the most important European hubs, Dublin, Ireland, allows prime access to all EUmarkets, establishing TOSK as a key player in the European and global trading industry. Jul21014 TOSK Global Ventures Limited is an Irish start- up international Agribusiness company established to provide quality agricultural products and trading services to the food and beverage industry. TOSK focuses on the trade of agricultural commodities from regions across Africa, acquiring a world-class solution to meet its customers’ and stakeholders’ needs which is globally unrivalled in its areas of operation. Temitope Okunjolu, CEO of TOSK states, “We believe in fairness and quality of work in building new opportunities for farmers as well as for business. It is our goal to provide quality goods, products and services for food producers and manufacturers in the international supply chain and to facilitate profitable and sustainable farming and trading. We have gone ahead this year to establish our branch in Nigeria, gather more farmers and to increase the landscape of farming and educate our farmers on sustainable and organic farming.” TOSK Global Ventures Limited has a presence in all of its products’ origin and buying countries, which allows the company to supervise product interfaith, it intends to provide only the best international trading service, support and assistance. TOSK handles a wide range of trading commodities including dried fruits, nuts, seeds, ginger roots, feed ingredients, and charcoal amongst other valuable assets, and is constantly looking for new suppliers and partnership opportunities. The agriculture industry influences many sectors of the economy locally as well as internationally, from farmers and real estate to supermarkets and restaurants. The technology behind it has been one of the main trends this year. Temitope explains, “it is important to understand the technologies within the industry, in farming and throughout the supply chain as it will affect the production and distribution of food.” Temitope continues, “during the COVID-19 pandemic we have upscaled our platform for our customers for them to engage with us directly via our platform and purchases directly from our platform without being physically present. Our quality and services are offered consistently on our platform and from this, we are also working on building an app and hub where farmers and all buyers can transact directly in transparency and traceable condition.” Additionally, TOSK plans to expand further and open more processing and work with clients directly, at the same time ensuring the best quality at reasonable prices and a smooth shipping process with the global standard of traceability. Its mission is to build a sustainable and diverse global supply chain whilst making a positive impact in communities. Temitope states, “We assist our customers in market entry, set up, marketing and finance and the suppliers by helping them through education, training, and resources of sustainable production, empowering them to build a brighter future.” Its vision is to be the leading global supplier of quality Agro commodities in its chosen markets while making a positive impact in small communities. Temitope continues, “we want to be able to connect different cultures through agricultural trading and give back to our people…its our mission to provide our clients with only the best quality of agricultural products at the best promising rates whilst empowering the farmers’ community with sustainable business.” TOSK’s total commitment to its clients, investors, suppliers and farmers fuels its daily work and guarantees its stakeholders’ success. Using sustainable agro- practices, quality, innovation, new technologies, and product Most Sustainable Agricultural Trading Company 2021