Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards 5 , Best International Turkish Product Export Business 2021 Withmore than 15 years’ experience within the food sector and more than 25 years in business, Mandarin Foreign Trade is a trading company based in Ankara, Turkey whichmostly deals with food and beverages fromall around the world for the construction, business andmedical sectors. Jun21451 In food, it trades and distributes organic meat, fruit, vegetables and herbs, and in beverages, it imports and distributes natural spring water and juices. It is achieving success within the international market, striving to provide the most suitable service in line with the needs of its customers, as well as building e-relationships with other businesses, and paving the way for economic efficiency. Growing successful is the biggest challenge that every company is facing in today’s world. Making the right choice and having passion for your business is what one must work towards while maintaining trustworthiness. Its approach is built on conscious ethical business understanding and production and it is always considering what is best for the customer in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Speaking about his experience of dealing with Mandarin, customer, Mohammed Arazi said, “Their employees are friendly, so professional and helpful. It is unquestionable that the future is wide open with Mandarin’s trade support, customer-focused attitude and their respect and respectful approaches. I can say that Mandarin contribute positively to Turkey’s world trade. You are in the right place if you are searching for a trade partner.” While Mandarin has strong connections with Middle East countries and they remain its main export destinations, it is aiming to grow and distribute further afield to locations such as the UK, Europe and USA. It is also focusing on importing and exporting products relating to medical, technology, cosmetics, chemicals and design. Company: Mandarin Foreign Trade Company Contact: Haci Erkan Email: [email protected] Web: sustainability. Mandarin admires the challenging environment within the market place and has always welcomed tough competition. Its aim is to be unique and successful, the best in everything in does, and to be a role model within the business industry. To achieve its vision, mission and strategies, it must gather all the facts, do the right research and analyse accurate reports. It must focus on the business as a whole, and not just part of it. With its brand, people, business partners, and customers, Mandarin is open to every trade possibility. Mandarin is a guarantor of food supply, presenting professional service and personalised service to customers. Moreover, it adheres to efficiency, results and Best International Turkish Product Export Business 2021