Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Agriculture and Farming Awards 7 , from the expanded breadth and depth of knowledge that they achieve through higher education. As it moves forward into the future, it will continue to champion this, forever working to support its team, clients, and the industry at large, soon to be releasing 3 more chicken- focused monitoring robots. Watch this space! Company: Faromatics Contact: Heiner Lehr Website: Best Livestock Farm Robotics Developer 2021 The agriculture industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. With that inmind, one can often see where it clings to tradition – but new and bold companies such as Faromatics are in the business to teach an old sector new tricks. Its provision of AI and data-driven robotics technologies that allow the comprehensive and effective monitoring of livestock health are changing the game for farms one client at a time. Jun21451 The developers behind smart robotic solutions for livestock farms, Faromatics allows farmers to detect the needs of their animals quickly and effectively. This, done through real-time monitoring and the continued implementation of improved animal welfare guidelines, increases farm efficiency and productivity in the same stroke as improving the lives of the animals in the farmer’s care. Fundamentally, it works by way of sensors, artificial intelligence methodologies, and big data, creating new insights for farm managers that would otherwise be very difficult to get – especially on big working farms – allowing the near double of net income for a yard. It currently provides this service for specifically poultry farms with its ChickenBoy solution. Faromatics’s ChickenBoy is a ceiling suspended robotic product that monitors broilers 24 hours a day for as long as the farmer needs, its 9 different sensors always on and active in order to monitor the health and wellbeing of the animals, It has seen first-hand the positive impact that its work can do, reducing human error and taking the guesswork out of management of animals, allowing for the quick and easy detection of issues and anomalies. Due to this, it has developed an international market that is very focused in on the upgrades and developments farmers can make to farms in order to improve the experience for workers, animals, and end users, and has shown them that it knows the importance of both economic sense and respect for all elements of a difficult industry. This has resulted in the cultivation of an ever-growing roster of clientele that trust its highly educated team to deliver the best quality at the best price. Internally, its team boast 2 PhD employees, and the rest have Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in their chosen fields; additionally, showing its constant dedication to improvement, it supports its Bachelor’s employees to strive for their Master’s. This encouragement allows them to grow and develop as professional and academic people, in the same stroke allowing the business to benefit wise to changes in behaviour and physiology in order to feed back the appropriate data points. Moreover, this allows insights into the growth and overall health of the animals in its care, allowing managers to assess the overall productivity of the animals and what may be impacting such things. Faromatics aim in all of this, first and foremost, is to create better living conditions for animals, to help farmers receive the best returns on their investments, and to implement smart farm management in order to reduce workload. In essence, Faromatics understands the high-pressure environment that is looking after animals in the context of the agriculture industry. It knows that farmers have relatively little time when it comes to being able to keep a very close eye on every one of their livestock at every part of the day, and so its work helps take this strain off of them, allowing them to ensure the farm runs smoothly whilst still being able to keep informed about the health of their livestock. Digitisation, therefore, is a trend Faromatics sees as one that will only grow as it moves into the future. Best Livestock FarmRobotics Developer 2021