2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards , Best Independent Savings Bank 2018 ‘Central Lending’ or CKV Spaarbank is an independent, Belgian savings bank that cooperates with independent brokers to offer its clients unique solutions and services. We profile the bank to learnmore and gain a fascinating insight into the secrets behind its success. Leading the firm to this success is CEO Rudi Deruytter, who has a Master’s in Law and graduated from the Ghent University (1983) and post-graduated as Professional Negotiator (Vlerick, 1999) and International Banking Expert (ABI Bad Homburg- Germany, 2002). Rudi is a banker specialising in Risk Management, Compliance and Credit Restructuring. He served ING Bank between 1984 and 2012 as Senior Risk Manager, Head Of Compliance Credit Risk Management and Head Of Credit Restructuring. During the financial crisis in 2008 he supported success stories such as Kaupthing, Dexia, Holding communal, Arco, and corporate De Ceuninck. In 2012 Rudi was appointed CEO of CKV Spaarbank as Member of the Board of Directors and President of the Management Board. He is also active as CEO of the Financial Holding DATEX NV and BEN18007 Drawing on its vast experience in the banking space, CKV is a successful niche player with an efficient role in the market of mortgage loans to private individuals and small and medium professionals. These are solution-based loans are offered through an experienced independent brokers network. For its credit funding, the company appeals for public savings offering traditional saving accounts and “secure” investment products that the company carries out through its independent team of banking agents, who are primarily located in Flanders and recently also through international Fintech companies. In just four years CKV’s profits after taxes went from 3.5 million euro to 10.5 million euro, highlighting the success of its unique business model. Contact Details Company: Centrale Kredietverlening NV Contact: Rudi Deruytter Address: Mannebeekstraat 33, Waregem, B-8790, Belgium Phone: 0032 56 62 92 99 Web Address: www.ckv.be the two other companies forming the DATEX-group: CEFIMA NV (debt collector) and IMMO DESAN NV (real estate agency). As banking expert, Rudi is as well the family advisor of the main shareholder of the DATEX-group. Through his large experience in the Financial Market and his excellent management skills, Rudi conducted CKV to a profitable and sustainable credit institution ready to face the coming challenges in the banking industry. Looking ahead, Rudi and his team at CKV will be seeking to build upon their current success despite the challenges that the industry faces over the coming years.

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