2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards 13 , Most Innovative Investment Manager - Luxembourg Investify is a fully digital investment manager for retail and high net worth customers throughout Europe. Having recognised the firm in our prestigious Benelux Enterprise Awards for 2018 we decided that it was about time we profiled this dynamic company and showcased the secrets behind its enviable success. although the firm is much more than this. Together with the keyword digitization, the term “Robo-Advisor” is often used as a term to describe firms that use online tools only to support their investor. “Robo-Advisor” is a collective term for start- ups with the aim of digitizing and automating the services of a financial advisor or at least parts of it. The common feature of various Robo-Advisors is their ability to identify the risk appetite of the investor in order to determine investment decisions and strategies on this basis. Many Robo-Advisors, however, are based on different approaches to individuality and service and are therefore subject to different regulatory guidelines than Investify. After all, the investor is at the heart of Investify’s approach, and the firm works hard to ensure that they receive the support and service they need, whatever their core goals or aims. Many of the firm’s customers were self-confessed ‘self-makers’: they put together their own portfolio. The effort involved is not only a matter of time, but also a matter of cost. With Investify, their portfolio is broadly diversified: on average, the firm’s clients have 21 products in their portfolio. Ultimately, Investify provides its valued clients with a fully digital offering which provides them with all the benefits of its team’s vast industry experience with cutting-edge technology to provide them with strong returns and a diversified portfolio. Ensuring that its solutions remain truly innovative and at the forefront of emerging developments in the digital investment space will remain central to the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting future. In addition, Investify has recently decided to further expand its existing B2B2C business model. Besides acting as a partner in co-branding strategies, Investify will also offer its high-performance technology as white label solutions. This enables strategic partners to map their own asset management services in a tailor- made portal and to implement both their brand and their own internal allocation and pricing model via the Investify platform. BEN18006 Founded in 2015, Investify offers a wide range of asset management and investment solutions to its esteemed clients. As part of the firm’s commitment to excellence for each and every one of its investors, they receive an individual portfolio when they work with Investify. The portfolio is monitored by the asset manager and adjusted accordingly to the market situation. Fully digital, Investify is often portrayed as a Robo-Advisor, Contact Details Company: Investify S. A. Contact: Sebastian Hasenack Address: 46 Grand Rue, Wasserbillig, 6630, Luxembourg Phone: 00352 27 86 28 55 Website: investify.com

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