2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards 15 Contact Details Company: vBoxx Contact: Valentijn Koppenaal Address: Regulusweg 5, 6th Floor, Den Haag, 2516 AC, Netherlands Phone: 0031 70 206 00 91 Website: vboxxcloud.com websites, databases, applications and remote access to company files, the latter of which play an especially essential role for businesses today. “With this in mind, we offer a streamlined and efficient environment, which our clients can trust and rely on. It is our mission to provide an environment that supports our clients in running their own business as successfully as possible. This is also one of the reasons why we provide tailored services and continuously work closely with our clients. We hope to make our clients feel supported from the minute they contact vBoxx.” Quality client service is impossible without exceptional staff, and as such Valentijn is keen to discuss the firm’s culture and how this breeds innovation and support for clients and staff alike. “Internally, we are a young, flexible, dynamic and fast adapting company. We also like to call it a no-nonsense company. It is our common understanding that the customer comes first. “Nevertheless, we realize that without happy staff, customers will not be happy for long either. We hence have a very tight-knit family environment where we push each other to perform even better, as well as share the occasional beer and game evening. We strongly believe that if we supply quality products and honest services, clients will come to us and will also be happy to stay with us. This, of course, provides us with great incentives to do even better in the future, to stay up-to date with the market and be ahead of our competitors.” As he looks to the future, Valentijn is optimistic about the future of the firm, as he proudly concludes. “Now is an exciting time for vBoxx, we are currently developing a new interface for vBoxxCloud. This will bring the current functionality and usability to a whole new level, along with new features for our cloud storage solution. “Longer term, vBoxx will further expand its hardware infrastructure to better respond to our growing customer base. This includes acquiring state- of-the-art hardware and more hands-on-deck to continue providing an excellent service. We never stand still, there is always room for greater innovation and efficiency and we are dedicated to finding such for our clients and our company.” Best Cloud Services Company 2018 g

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