2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Benelux Enterprise Awards , Best Cloud Services Company 2018 vBoxx is an innovativeDutchcompany that offers servers, cloud services andhosting capacity to companies all around the world. Valentijn Koppenaal talks us through the firm and its unique flagship solution, vBoxxCloud. business goals. vBoxxCloud was born from a desire to provide a secure and private environment for businesses who need constant access to their documents, also from remote locations. Today, our cloud solution is used across the globe, from The Hague to New Zealand. Our clients span all sectors of the business world, from one-man companies to large corporations. “To ensure that clients receive the support they need, we give a personal touch to how we conduct business with our BEN18008 Since its inception in 2012, vBoxx has been offering unique cloud solutions to a wide range of clients globally. Valentijn explores the services offered in more detail and explores how the firm strives for excellence in its solutions. “From hosting websites, dedicated servers, to our cloud solution vBoxxCloud, at vBoxx we want to offer our clients an environment where they efficiently accomplish their clients, whom we see much more as partners. We are present in every step of the process, from the minute on they contact vBoxx. Whether a client orders a webhosting package or a vBoxxCloud account, we make it our mission to always have someone available that our clients can speak with on the phone or per email. We believe that it is absolutely important to foster mutually-beneficial relationships and that we do our utmost to understand our clients’ needs and wishes. This is regardless of whether a client orders one or 2500 vBoxxCloud users, so that everyone feels supported throughout the process.” This exceptional client service is ingrained into every aspect of the business, and forms the basis of its mission and core values, as Valentijn highlights. “Our mission is to provide the right tools to businesses that need any type of hosting environment. We want to be able to offer a broad range of services, such as the availability of Left to right: Valentijn Koppenaal (CEO), Alexander Koppenaal, Saxwin Brouwer (Co-Founders)

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