Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Jun22220 Hestia Group specialises in providing ICT infrastructure maintenance and hosting services. Its portfolio of quality solutions enable companies to get back to focusing on their core activities. Since 2009, it has been the only BelgianMSP (Managed Service Provider) on the worldwideMSP501 list. For three consecutive years, EU Business News has recognised Hestia Group as Most Innovative ICTMSP, and we’ve had the privilege of interviewing the company’s founder, Nicolas Geudens. Hello, Mr Geudens. Congratulations on your awards success for three years in a row! How does it feel? Being named as part of the crème-de-lacrème of 501’ers shows industry leadership. This shows leadership for navigating surviving, thriving and growing the industry. It’s one heck of an accolade to be listed. The fact that Hestia Group was named Most Innovative ICT MSP for 2022 by EU Business News is the icing on the proverbial cake. Mr Geudens, you started the company back in 2008 and have been demonstrating your strong leadership ever since, guiding Hestia Group to what it represents today. At the age of 45, that is already an impressive achievement. What does the future have in store for you next? It is true that I founded Hestia and we have achieved many successes, but I must emphasise that it is the ‘Hestianens’ who deliver our innovative services to our growing clientele on a daily basis who really deserve the credits. That’s very honourable of you to say, Mr Geudens, but our research was highly impressed with your personal track record. You are part of the Board of MSPAlliance, you are a Dropbox Partner Advisory Council member, you have been named as one of the ‘50 leaders to watch’, and it’s our research team’s honest opinion that you represent the true qualities of a leader. What would you say your business’ most prominent achievement is to date? My father taught me a lot and one of the things is not to dwell upon what you have achieved so far, but to focus on what is still in front of you. Our business must continue to evolve and adapt. There are three important forces driving our mission, namely: 1. an enterprise's need to maintain centralised control of data and applications for security purposes; 2. the cost-effectiveness of cloud services (provided they are JIT (Just In Time)); 3. and the desire for an IT department to respond as quickly as possible to rapidly changing business needs through the adoption of serverless/PAAS/SAAS solutions. I expect Hestia Group to stay on top of its game. I’ve already started to begin building the next step on our path, namely the creation of Hybridge. From this summer, I will focus my attention on founding and nurturing Hybridge. Hybridge is created out of decades of infrastructure MSP, cloud, security, and contracting experience to provide the best digital experience for organisations of different sizes and sectors. Hybridge will provide solutions with a responsive, handson, and caring local team delivering unlimited on-site and remote support to our customers. I will do this together with Erlend Schenkels, co-founder of Hybridge, and current managing partner of Arxus. It seems you have a clear vision of what’s needed for Hestia Group in the future and have already started laying down the foundation for the company to evolve. We must say this doesn’t come as any surprise for us, Mr Geudens. We wish you all the best with the new initiative called Hybridge. We are sure that with your vision and entrepreneurship, we will soon hear about Hybridge’s many successes. It will be my pleasure to keep EU Business News in the loop and thank you again for the support and recognition. Company: Hestia Group Contact: Nicolas Geudens Email: [email protected] Website: Most Innovative ICT MSP 2022