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2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 Contents , Welcome to the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 EU Business News are delighted to announce the return of the Benelux Business Awards in 2022. Since the inception of the Benelux Business Awards in 2018, they have been used not only to recognise, but also celebrate the companies and individuals who have worked tirelessly to make the Benelux region the powerhouse it is within the European and global business market. The Benelux Business Awards 2022 welcomes and accepts nominations from all businesses who are based in or operating within Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg regardless of the company’s size, the age of the business or the company’s annual turnover. This means the Benelux Business Awards 2022 will have a wide variety of candidates from several different industries and regions, and that those who go on to be successful can really count themselves as the best in their field. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 3 Editor’s Note , Contents: 4. KCVA Kenniscentrum voor: Best Training Institute - Netherlands 6. Emergency Medical Response: Most Innovative Fire Fighting Medical Accessories Developer 2022 8. Sustainable Growth Fund II SCSp, SICAV-SIF: Best Impact Investment Fund 2022 10. Svet Solutions Media: Best Global Documentary & Broadcast Production Company 2022 11. Jouwtransformatie: Best Personal Development Coaching Specialist 2022: Claudia Koehoorn 12. EUFOREA: Best Allergy & Airways Disease NPO - Europe 13. Iconic Elements: Best Holistic Skincare Line - Netherlands 14. Hestia Group: Most Innovative ICT MSP 2022 15. : Best Supply Chain Solutions Provider 2022 16. NISH Tech BV: Most Pioneering Testing Engineering & IT Consulting Company - Belgium 17. Chassé Dance Studios: Best Dance School 2022 - Netherlands

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Being one of the foremost trainers of behavioural regulation and response when it comes to aggression and violence, KCVA Kenniscentrumvoor Agressie helps its clients’ staff to be much more prepared to deal with anti-social individuals in a work setting. Helping to create safer, more pro-active, andmore prepared workforces who can look after themselves and their customers through acting in calm, efficient, and accountable ways, it has vastly improved the quality of safety in a number of public facing organisations across the Netherlands. Experts on the field of aggression regulation, KCVA Kenniscentrum voor Agressie is a training institute that specialises in helping companies, institutes and organisaations to deal with aggressive and violent people, resulting in a staff that feels safer and a management team that can more effectively look after their people. Performing its operations with the same rigour expected by robbery training in the retail field, hostage training for government officials, and more, its aggression management training helps its pupils learn how to best communicate with an aggressive person to minimise risk. It also helps clients to build a safer and more constructive internal environment within a business, proving itself time and again, something that has aided it in building a proven track record and reputation for excellence and the utmost success at every turn. Critically, it works to build safer environments for the people who hire it, with its goal being to lower the cost of people getting sick because of the aggressive behaviour they experience whilst trying to do their job. This creates a workforce that is more ready to handle that sort of behaviour, helping employees to keep themselves and others safe and working hard across the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands in order to train employees of all kinds, including law enforcement officers who have to deal with all manner of aggression. Anti-social behaviour is a risk in any customer facing role. Nominally, KCVA Kenniscentrum voor Agressie’s efforts reduce the risk associated with such things by giving employees the necessary tools to mitigate it; being no nonsense, self-aware, and experienced, it gives grounded, downto-earth, and actionable advice and solutions Jun22415 that are highly replicable. After all, often, the most effective approach is the simplest one, but such strategies run the risk of being completely overlooked. Fundamentally, every solution it suggests is one that is backed up by research and has been pioneered by behavioural experts. Moreover, it considers itself to be low profile and discrete, enabling learners to gain knowledge and experience at their own pace and without judgement, keeping all of its operations in-house so that it can personally vet each and every element of the courses being offered. This includes everything from its development to its production, e-learning, audio and visual departments, and actors, and show the variety of different learning it can offer, from the theoretical to the practical. It also considers the variety of different factors that go into managing an aggressive or violent scenario effectively. Critically, one of the most effective of these variables to teach control over is self-regulation and self-management – essentially, one’s own personal response to a situation – because whilst a person cannot control how someone else reacts to a situation, they can control how they themselves react. It teaches its participants a ‘lead by example’ way of thinking about reacting to aggression: if they react well and manage their own emotions effectively in the face of aggression or violence, they are much more likely to be able to defuse the situation far quicker and without injury to themselves or to anyone else. The people around them, in turn, will follow the lead of someone who is taking charge and reacting in a sensible and calming manner. When clients lose their patience, it can be a difficult situation for everyone involved, but KCVA Kenniscentrum voor Agressie believes there is always a few available de-escalation solutions available to a person that will help to calm things down and return the environment to an even keel where discussion is possible. In its wider industry, KCVA Kenniscentrum voor Agressie has not noticed any noticeable trends as a result of the pandemic, but is pleased to be one of the companies providing its corporate peers with ways to onboard its staff in dealing with less than pleasant social interactions after a couple of years where, at times, social interactions of any kind were less common. In short, everyone might be a bit out of practice, and clients might be quicker to become frustrated than prior to lockdowns, meaning that it is a more important task than ever to give public-facing workers an actionable toolkit of solutions for handling such things. Indeed, it also incorporates its teachings into its own structure, allowing its staff to benefit from a safe and knowledgeable environment that gives them access to the latest and most relevant social and behavioural research, ensuring that each of them has the chance to grow personally and progress their careers. No singular opinion is lauded as more important than any other, and the diversity of the company is what allows it to provide such a holistic and comprehensive response to aggression training. It, above all else, looks for people who will speak their mind and give their true opinion on things, providing invaluable insights that allow for the betterment of its services by offering perspectives that KCVA Kenniscentrum voor Agressie may not have previously considered. Moreover, each of them are dedicated to creating a safe learning environment, Best Training Institute - Netherlands

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 5 incorporating social safety into each element of its business in order to improve the safety of the public facing corporate world in the macro scale. Company: KCVA Kenniscentrum voor Agressie Contact: Ed Nouwen Website: Best Training Institute - Netherlands

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Most Innovative Fire Fighting Medical Accessories Developer 2022 Working with diligence, tenacity, and a true determination across each one of its service offerings, Emergency Medical Response has been thrust to pre-eminence for medical and healthcare services in Belgium. EMR’s services range from a wide variety of medical and healthcare ecommerce products, to organic material transport, training, and events healthcare provision, showing a truly comprehensive dedication to keeping people safe throughout the changing challenges of the modern world. Emergency Medical Response – or EMR – is a Belgium based company engaged in the transport of human organs and blood. Nominally, this company has made a name for itself with the safe, hygienic, and dependable transport of bodily substances and donations from A to B, as well as the provision of first aid training, resuscitation training, assistance at events, psychological assistance, and medical products through its online ecommerce solution. Each of these efforts have propelled to the forefront of its industry. Critically, this good reputation has been one built on safety, quality, and sustainability, and it has been thrust into the spotlight of its market for the rigour and highly tested services it boasts as standard; whilst this makes it somewhat pricier than its competitors, its clients always remark that the extra is so worth it. Its ecommerce serves both individuals and companies, allowing all elements of the market to get their hands on the medical equipment they need. Whether it’s for personal health, the health of a family member, or to stock up on essentials for a business or care practice, EMR promises excellence without compromise at every turn, from the user intuitive nature of the website to the in-depth and dedicated standard of its customer service, and the safe and dependable nature of its shipping. Service, in essence, is what it believes is its most important cornerstone. After all, this is what will inform the clients’ experience with it as a company; by giving them the best of the best and diversifying out from its original singular service of the transport of biological goods, it has been able Jun22033 to serve an even wider swathe of the market and make itself a household name across many of the industry’s heaviest hitters. With its own production centre for its emergency patches, the last two years have been defined by going from strength to strength for EMR. Moreover, said department has gone from a team of 3 emergency workers to a full retinue for long-term reinforcement, and it looks forward to starting its own first ambulance sooner rather than later, showing that its diversification and growth is something it is committed to keeping up in the future. This sets it apart from its peers well, as it makes itself known as a company that is always learning, growing, and changing, working together with its customers to improve itself. Fundamentally, this has allowed it to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs, comments, and critique, with its flexible and adaptive processes enabling it to put necessary changes into action and show clients its proactive approach. This determination and dedication has given it an almost familial feel, and when bringing customers into the fold, they comment on how this is felt immediately. Consequentially, it has developed the ability to work together with the customer in order to put them first, operating with the utmost empathy and tenacity to identify, define, and resolve any challenges and hurdles that are put before them. Indeed, with so many new challenges rearing their heads on a daily basis in the world that the pandemic has brough with it, EMR’s efforts have becoming more pivotal than ever to support its industry during the prevailing new epoch of increased digitisation. In order to do this effectively, EMR always works hard to put itself in its customers’ shoes. Its team are empathic, understanding, and knowledgeable professionals, many of whom have been in the exact position that the client often finds themselves in, and can therefore suggest all the right tools and equipment to be able to help. Nominally, its staff can talk a client through its entire range of products and services in order to give them a comprehensive idea of what is available to them and why it might benefit. The holistic manner in which they can do this, and the front-to-back familiarity that they display with the training, biological transport, and ecommerce products, has meant that the people within EMR have their own reputation for being the true backbone of the business. EMR thanks them for their hard work and tenacity by ensuring that its team are treated well and looked after at every turn. Again, with the world changing so fast, it knows that people are gaining more challenges and responding to increasingly different ones in their day to day life, and it hopes to support them at work and with their home life by using an equality-based system in which no singular person is more important than anyone else. Even in cases where one employee is more senior than another, this only means that they have more experience and responsibility, and not that they get to dismiss the ideas of anyone else out of hand. After all, the diverse pool of knowledge that such a wide variety of opinions, backgrounds, and perspectives makes allows it to better serve it clients in the long run. Thus, EMR gives each of its staff the best training possible Emergency Medical Response

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 7 in every single one of its departments, making itself helpful, understanding, caring, and truly front-running when it comes to the delivery of each of its services, something that clients have lauded as exemplary across the board. Having propelled EMT to the top of the industry and into the spotlight by granting it their trust and constantly returning business, it is pleased to see a growing demand in medical assistance at events, and happy to deliver such things. Additionally, it has been working hard to respond to an increased demand for COVID rapid tests in its workshop, and is committed to responding to the needs of its industry’s present in order to better prepare it for the future. Company: Emergency Medical Response Contact: Robin Bonnewyn Website: Most Innovative Fire Fighting Medical Accessories Developer 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Green businesses are coming to the forefront of industry – as the pressure of a global climate crisis increases, sustainability is taking centre stage. However, many of these businesses require external investment in order to bolster their growth capital. Providing transparency, simplicity, and flexibility, Sustainable Growth Fund II SCSp, SICAV-SIF is a premiumoption for sustainable businesses across the globe. Based in Luxembourg, Sustainable Growth Fund II SCSp, SICAVSIF (SGF) is the product of Sustainable Growth Management GP S.à r. l. The fund was created to invest in businesses within the sustainability and efficiency sectors that are situated in the growth stage but lack growth capital due to a deficit in financing sources and favourable regulatory environments. In addition, the alternative private equity funds support growth companies and provide flexible financing options, which enables the fund to be open to smaller businesses. Since the establishment of the fund, SGF has remained true to its fundamental structure. For example, the first fund totals €140.2 million, and the second stands at €100 million, growing to €300 million– of course, this is extremely beneficial as SGF’s primary offering of the fund is for bolstering the growth capital of businesses. Moreover, the company’s core values – combatting climate change and enhancing the industries that operate within the sustainability sector – has similarly remained unwavering. Simply, SGF, whilst it has grown exponentially since its creation, still embodies the authenticity of a fledgling operation. As such, SGF has worked with a diverse range of companies, with recipients flocking from sustainable water businesses, energy efficiency, waste to energy, plant-based food businesses, and more. Using water as a reference point, the fund’s website suggests that in order to meet infrastructure needs globally, current water supply infrastructure investments will need to double from 2013 figures of $580 billion to over $1 trillion by 2025. Such figures truly emphasise the importance of the Sustainable Growth Fund II SCSp, SICAV-SIF. Jun22372 Additionally, SGF has identified growth capital prospects across North America and Europe, and therefore, these continents serve as the main areas of concentration. The focus is largely on lower risk investment options within later-stage businesses that possess strong management teams, proven commercialised technologies, and a clear and practical exit strategy. Further requirements are that the businesses have revenues between €10 and €100 million and near EBITDA positive with significant backlog. Of course, these elements are what have made SGF stand out within the industry. Six investments and one full realisation have been made by SGF II to date – SGF II is currently tracking higher than the predicted 20 percent Net IRR or a 2.0x MoM that was anticipated and achieved in the first fund. The fund has been established in accordance with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and has the status of what is known as a ‘dark green fund,’ as specified by Article 9 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations. SGF Fund 2 has already achieved an exit with 102.7% IRR and 1.92x MOI with the sale of Skipcart to 7-Eleven, and two more exits are currently underway. New investors entering SGF Fund 2 now would immediately put themselves in a positive position by taking a distribution participation, as they would be treated as day one investors. Perhaps an even greater example of what makes the company unique is the devoted team that supports its operations. Unsurprisingly, the internal structure is built around sustainability, and the entire team is aware as to how best to contribute to the cause. Furthermore, the team are focused upon providing an unmatched level of customer service, especially to investors. They endeavour to provide investors with a return on their capital to ensure good investment returns. Consequently, the capital for the sustainable market grows. They also guarantee compliance with the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy, which defines Sustainable Growth Management GP S.à r. l.’s principles and objectives with respect to responsible investment. The staff strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations; adhere to the highest standards of business practices; conduct all business dealings with integrity, honesty, fairness, and respect; and ensure that the policy is understood by all team members. In addition, they maintain sustainable practices, which Sustainable Growth Management GP S.à r. l.’s defines as: to efficiently manage critical resources with high productive output while minimizing the negative output impacts to the environment, including health and human services, and, more specifically. The future of the Sustainable Growth Fund II SCSp, SICAV-SIF is centred around the market trends, which it is following with great attention. Through being aware of these trends, SGF hopes to obtain premium companies for the fund portfolio, that not only offer excellent returns but also support the mission of combatting climate change. After all, SGF is built upon protecting the future of the planet. On top of this, the business will continue to serve its clients and investors with passion, kindness, and enthusiasm – it is this that has and will continue to secure SGF’s success. Best Impact Investment Fund 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 9 Best Impact Investment Fund 2022 Contact: Jennifer L. Wick Company: Sustainable Growth Fund II SCSp, SICAV-SIF Web Address:

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Jun22223 Best Global Documentary & Broadcast Production Company 2022 Svet Solutions Media, one of the latest and greatest big names in broadcast media, has been making its name with continual global expansion. Moreover, its high-end services and depth of commitment has beenmodernising its industry one broadcast at a time, operating with a serious capacity for quality content, high human capital, and well-educated delivery that endears end viewers and peers alike to the work it does. Established in 2015 with the goal of taking over the coverage of a vast multitude of live events, Svet Solutions Media has expanded operations hugely from its headquarters in Prague. Having opened an office in Brussels, Europe quickly took notice of the exemplary nature of its work, bringing it on board to work with a number of the top TV broadcasters in Europe and elsewhere in the international community, covering everyone from European elections to major sporting competitions. Today, it does all of this and more, and has even moved into the service of the USA – covering two major elections and several super bowl broadcasts – as well as consolidating its leadership in the nations within which it has been growing for the longest. Fundamentally, it has begun to bolster and reinforce its teams in both Belgium and France. This has helped it to maintain its leadership role in the broadcasting community, developing a variety of new strengths and competencies along the way that have allowed it to further make itself a cornerstone of the market across a multitude of different digital media platforms all over the globe. Its many business achievements, therefore, include building itself from the ground up. Having started from humble routes, it is proud to say that the tenacity of its team have pushed it to a true leadership position within its market, combining quality, innovation, and professionalism at every turn in order to create something high end and multi-talented. This commitment has allowed it to diversify into documentaries, live broadcast, high-end service, ready-to-deploy services, and more, unlike the majority of its peers who only offer one of two of these services. Therefore, it has been able to continually live up to its goal of teaching an old industry new tricks, bringing new business models to the struggling markets of digital platforms and the archaic paradigms of live broadcast in the traditional sense. Svet Solutions believes that the industry is at a turning point in which every broadcaster has a chance to try and guide the emerging paradigm, and it hopes that by leading by example, it can continue to focus on positive change in modernising its efforts in order to influence its industry to do the same. With a culture of flexibility, adaptability, and quality, each of its staff have been handpicked for their true dedication to knowledge. Each of them boast a great level of education in broadcasting and media, and are ready and willing to learn new things and bolster their current skillsets, covering all elements of media talent from broadcasting to live filming, high-end commercial development, and documentary production Through this, it can continuously ensure that it is delivering quality. Planning to continue its modernisation of the industry in the coming quarter, it looks forward to developing more in countries outside Europe, expanding its Belgium office and forever working towards better quality content. Company: Svet Solutions Media Contact: Luca Rovianalti Website:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 11 , Jun22467 Best Personal Development Coaching Specialist 2022: Claudia Koehoorn Stress, self-doubt, and burnout have become commonplace in today’s society – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Based in the Netherlands, Jouwtransformatie is on amission to help people improve their mindset for good, utilising collaboration, in depth studies, and innovation to provide unique yet effective therapy and coaching services. Founded in 2016 by Claudia Koehoorn, Jouwtransformatie is a Dutch company that provides bespoke personal development coaching. Claudia is a Transformologist®, which, when broken down, means transformational expert and psychologist. However, she’s not your average therapist, councillor, or coach – she doesn’t ‘work on’ people – Claudia works with them through a collaborative process. This approach has been designed to achieve a deep, longlasting transformation, liberating the client from the thoughts and feelings that oppress and harm them. ‘What I mainly do is help my clients to align their head, heart, and gut feelings. Because when that is in alignment, then you make the choices you want to make, in the way that suits you. Without worrying about what others think, without guilt or frustration, from selfconfidence and acceptance,’ Claudia explains. Over the past six years, Claudia has helped hundreds of men and women to change their lives for the better, and it is this that Claudia cites as being her greatest achievement. As a direct result of her work, she has gained great respect and recognition. For example, Claudia has been named the leading coach in her hometown Alkmaar for two years in a row and has been recognised as the top global Transformologist in 2022, as she has helped the most clients with Creatrix®, the therapy specifically designed for women’s brains. ‘My specialisation is in the difference between the male and female brain,’ she adds. ‘Being able to teach in this way means that this difference can influence you, your relationships, your private life, your work, the way you think, feel, act, and communicate. Working with an individual program, especially for women, can help them free themselves of all negative emotions and beliefs that hold them back from living their lives.’ Claudia’s approach to her work has further been shaped by her own personal hurdles. She has been through a lot in her life, and, in turn, she uses these experiences to inspire people – particularly her clients – to prioritise and love themselves. Moreover, her wheelchair and her assistance dog, Katya, play an enormous role in her story. ‘You can be happy, no matter what is going on in your life. It is your choice, not someone else's, your choice,’ Claudia asserts, ‘my personal motto: you don't have to walk to leave your footprints on the world.’ Through introducing hundreds of people to effective coaching, Claudia has certainly left her footprint on the world. In recent years, many people have found themselves struggling in one way or another, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Burnout and stress levels have increased dramatically, and Claudia believes that this is the catalyst behind people turning away from the materialistic in search of happiness. Consequently, Claudia has seen an increase in demand for her services. ‘I think that the interest of people in understanding more about the brain-heart-gut connection will increase even more in the years to come.’ Henceforth, Claudia hopes to continue working one-on-one with her clients and provide help through her online training programs throughout the end of 2022 and beyond. In order to reach an even larger audience, she is working on several projects, including sitting as a guest on a number of highly informative podcasts. Her recent masterclass on self-doubt has been released in English, and she’s planning on adding more offerings to her repertoire. Contact: Claudia Koehoorn Company: Jouwtransformatie Web Address:

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Best Allergy & Airways Disease NPO - Europe Allergies and airway diseases have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. Henceforth, EUFOREA is on amission to spread awareness of such illnesses and, as a direct consequence, improve the care that individuals receive. No longer do patients have to suffer in silence – EUFOREA is on their side. EUFOREA is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2015 in order to bring together stakeholders from national and international organisations, institutions, and agencies to work together towards the same goal. Indeed, the organisation strives to prevent and reduce the burden of allergies and airway diseases – rhinitis, asthma, and rhinosinusitis, for example – through the implementation of optimal care through its three pillars of research, advocacy, and education. Whilst EUFOREA is based in Europe, its reach and influence are truly global. The conversation is presently focused on how EUFOREA can improve diagnosis and prevention methods, and as a result, it has numerous projects in place. In the past year alone, EUFOREA has educated over 20,000 doctors on the best respiratory care practices, with its eLearning courses providing access to a diverse range of industry insights. Additionally, EUFOREA has worked on the creation of patient education materials with the goal of giving patients with chronic respiratory disorders a reliable, user-friendly resource to help them gain control and an understanding of their condition. In order to better comprehend the unmet and often complex needs of patients, including the financial and emotional impacts, EUFOREA established a Patient Advisory Board in 2017. The board’s genesis endeavours to raise awareness amongst political figures while collaborating on creative solutions for prompt access to treatments. Furthermore, in 2021, the needs of patients with chronic type-2 inflammatory respiratory illnesses became the focus of two patient-led papers that were ultimately released by the organisation. Simply, EUFOREA is an advocate for such patients, and it is this – among many other Jun22265 reasons – that truly makes the non-profit shine. It exudes quality in all that it does, which has earned it an exceptional reputation. From its world-class, independent, CME-accredited scientific programmes to its devotion to transparency, ethics and values are deeply ingrained in the organisation’s operations. Much of this success stems from the fact that EUFOREA is supported by a devoted team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about raising awareness of chronic respiratory diseases not only to healthcare providers, but also to patients. They are highly-qualified, compassionate, and driven, and they have built EUFOREA into the global force that it is today. EUFOREA has brought together specialists from the entire healthcare system to create opportunities for new innovative thinking and the development of optimal care strategies. It is with all this firmly in mind that EUFOREA makes the perfect winner for Best Allergy & Airways Disease NPO – Europe. Dedicated to spreading awareness, the organisation’s cause is one of the utmost importance, and its work is crucial for the betterment of treatments and care for respiratory illnesses. Contact: Amy Quinn Company: EUFOREA Web Address:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 13 , effective communication, mental agility, and a meticulous attention to detail. It is unsurprising that the company is heading towards an exceptionally bright future – throughout the end of 2022, Iconic Elements will be working towards expanding its range. Many of these future products are entering the final stages of development, meaning that customers have a lot to look forward to. Contact: Francis Wu Company: Iconic Elements Web Address: Jun22149 Best Holistic Skincare Line - Netherlands Created by leading dermatologists, Iconic Elements has been designed to not only boost the appearance of your skin, but also to contribute to its health. Packed with dozens of beneficial ingredients, the Iconic Elements skincare line is sure to have something that suits you. Dr. Francis Wu has been active in the field of dermatology since 2004, and in that time, he has treated patients for a plethora of skin conditions. In 2016, Dr. Francis took the plunge, founding Iconic Elements, a crueltyfree and vegan skincare line. His knowledge, combined with that of other industry experts, has culminated in a range of products that are safe, effective, and infused with dermatology knowledge. Dr. Francis comments, ‘we review the used ingredients extensively and have our own list of allowed and not allowed ingredients, based on our knowledge with our patients as dermatologists. Our clients are those who require effective skincare products with a no-nonsense mentality. A large part of our clientele has skin related problems and are, therefore, critical towards the ingredients used in their skincare.’ Indeed, Iconic Elements knows what its clients are searching for. Prior to creating a new product, the company endeavours to take a 360˚ view, which means that it takes into compatible, suitable for various skin types, contains no plastics, and is packed full of optimised ingredients that will benefit the skin. ‘We use BPA-free dispensers and avoid the most common dermatological allergens we see in our practice,’ adds Dr. Francis. ‘[this approach is thanks to] our dermatology and immunology knowledge and with an active collaboration with other skin experts who have an affinity with cosmetic ingredients.’ Furthermore, its products have been designed with the long-term effects in mind. As such, one of the fundamental ingredients within many skincare products is Vitamin A – an ingredient that is praised by dermatologists for its effectiveness in the prevention of wrinkles. Vitamin A exerts a highly beneficial impact and reduces pigmentation and sebum, and boosts collagen stimulation. However, Iconic Elements utilises alternatives. ‘Conversely, vitamin A can cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. In addition, vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and some studies indicated that topical vitamin A can be absorbed through the skin, and will likely be stored in your body. In the long run, it may lead to hypervitaminosis A, which may cause health issues. Especially during pregnancy, it is not advised to use topical vitamin A. To be safe than sorry, we look for alternatives that have the same beneficial effects with fewer downsides,’ Dr. Francis explains. The Iconic Elements team is comprised of experts who actively practice in the dermatology and skincare fields. As such, the quality and effectiveness of the product have a direct impact on the reputation of these health consultants, meaning that the company strives to create unbeatable, top-of-the-line products. The team runs seamlessly, utilising consideration what the available, scientifically supported ingredients are, and what can be done to improve the new product. Moreover, Iconic Elements focuses upon how the new product will impact the customer. Every Iconic Elements product is, therefore, skin pH

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Jun22220 Hestia Group specialises in providing ICT infrastructure maintenance and hosting services. Its portfolio of quality solutions enable companies to get back to focusing on their core activities. Since 2009, it has been the only BelgianMSP (Managed Service Provider) on the worldwideMSP501 list. For three consecutive years, EU Business News has recognised Hestia Group as Most Innovative ICTMSP, and we’ve had the privilege of interviewing the company’s founder, Nicolas Geudens. Hello, Mr Geudens. Congratulations on your awards success for three years in a row! How does it feel? Being named as part of the crème-de-lacrème of 501’ers shows industry leadership. This shows leadership for navigating surviving, thriving and growing the industry. It’s one heck of an accolade to be listed. The fact that Hestia Group was named Most Innovative ICT MSP for 2022 by EU Business News is the icing on the proverbial cake. Mr Geudens, you started the company back in 2008 and have been demonstrating your strong leadership ever since, guiding Hestia Group to what it represents today. At the age of 45, that is already an impressive achievement. What does the future have in store for you next? It is true that I founded Hestia and we have achieved many successes, but I must emphasise that it is the ‘Hestianens’ who deliver our innovative services to our growing clientele on a daily basis who really deserve the credits. That’s very honourable of you to say, Mr Geudens, but our research was highly impressed with your personal track record. You are part of the Board of MSPAlliance, you are a Dropbox Partner Advisory Council member, you have been named as one of the ‘50 leaders to watch’, and it’s our research team’s honest opinion that you represent the true qualities of a leader. What would you say your business’ most prominent achievement is to date? My father taught me a lot and one of the things is not to dwell upon what you have achieved so far, but to focus on what is still in front of you. Our business must continue to evolve and adapt. There are three important forces driving our mission, namely: 1. an enterprise's need to maintain centralised control of data and applications for security purposes; 2. the cost-effectiveness of cloud services (provided they are JIT (Just In Time)); 3. and the desire for an IT department to respond as quickly as possible to rapidly changing business needs through the adoption of serverless/PAAS/SAAS solutions. I expect Hestia Group to stay on top of its game. I’ve already started to begin building the next step on our path, namely the creation of Hybridge. From this summer, I will focus my attention on founding and nurturing Hybridge. Hybridge is created out of decades of infrastructure MSP, cloud, security, and contracting experience to provide the best digital experience for organisations of different sizes and sectors. Hybridge will provide solutions with a responsive, handson, and caring local team delivering unlimited on-site and remote support to our customers. I will do this together with Erlend Schenkels, co-founder of Hybridge, and current managing partner of Arxus. It seems you have a clear vision of what’s needed for Hestia Group in the future and have already started laying down the foundation for the company to evolve. We must say this doesn’t come as any surprise for us, Mr Geudens. We wish you all the best with the new initiative called Hybridge. We are sure that with your vision and entrepreneurship, we will soon hear about Hybridge’s many successes. It will be my pleasure to keep EU Business News in the loop and thank you again for the support and recognition. Company: Hestia Group Contact: Nicolas Geudens Email: [email protected] Website: Most Innovative ICT MSP 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 15 , Jun22658 Best Supply Chain Solutions Provider 2022 The international supply chain systemhas undergone immense strain over the last couple of years, but keeping things on the move is essential to the wellbeing of people around the world. We take a look at the team, specialists in this very field. In the Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 fromEU Business News, the teamwere recognised for their remarkable success. We take a closer look to uncover some of the reasons why. Meeting supply needs demands depends on a comprehensive supply chain system. The team at have proven expertise in the field, using the most sophisticated methods to ensure that their clients have their needs met at all times. By connecting customers, suppliers, logistics providers, and general contractors through real-time data, the team offer an unprecedented level of control when it comes to providing delivery solutions. Based in offices around the world, the team are able to leverage numerous strategic supplier partnerships to provide as much value as possible directly to their customers. In terms of visibility, scalability, efficiency, and price, there are few to match them. The impressive network that lies at the heart of is the secret of the team’s success. Through this comprehensive system of suppliers and shippers, the team can match up to any growth ambitions that their clients might have. Over the years, has grown enormously to reach out into every corner of the earth. Now it manages thousands of international projects every year, operating in over 80 countries. This growth has been matched by a commitment to the creation of a positive environmental impact worldwide too. To this end, the team has reached beyond many of its competitors, instead creating what they would call the “ultra-short supply chain”. This delivery system is specifically designed to deliver a reduced carbon impact whilst supporting local economic growth through local sourcing. The entire supply chain ecosystem is encouraged to collaborate for the benefit of all, leveraging the unique platform and processes implemented by the team. The last two years have seen the company reinvest significantly in new technology, with a robust operational control tower system (Tract) being the result. This control tower empowers brands by managing the third party risks associated with the supply chain, essentially implementing new and agile logistics strategies. With one platform now at the heart of how everyone at works, it’s considerably easier to make operational decisions that can benefit all parties. The expansion of the team’s business model has allowed the team to grow their customer base by a considerable amount, as well as enabling them to enter new markets and grow the team internationally. It’s little wonder that the future looks bright for this intrepid group of supply chain pioneers. Over the years, the business has served customers to an ever-higher standard by continuing to create new and exciting connections between all parties involved. As the global supply chain gains even more importance, it’s the work of companies such as that will set new benchmarks for all. Company: Name: Arjan Oudejans Email: [email protected] Web Address:

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 , Jul22318 NISHTech BV, a company focusing on the creation and development of the best Information Technology consultancy solutions, is now celebrating its fifth birthday. With a healthy trajectory towards further growth at its back – one that shows no signs of slowing – it is proud to announce that its ODC offerings are shortly slated to expand even further, growing its already impressive reach into something that will truly secure its place in the global market. As a software consultancy company, NISH Tech BV has established a stalwart reputation as an industry pioneer, technological front-runner, and business expert. Over time, it has gained renown as a group that embraces change, and drives it in turn, leading from the front to establish itself in various industries all over the globe. Nominally, its vision is to embrace Digital Transformation, DevOps Implementation through the most exemplary customer service, and the most outstanding technological service provisions. Its team is its strength – the people in which it has the utmost faith. Critically, it brings on board people who are tech savvy, pragmatic, and willing to work in a multi-cultural environment that prioritises ethics, reliability, corporate morals, and social responsibility. NISH Tech’s founder, Ram THANNE, has been making it clear, right from the very beginning, that this is one of the most important elements of any business he would create. Consequentially, since its founding in 2017, it has been using this determination to work towards a long-held dream of establishing a software company that could make itself the new Global IT sourcing and training organization for the future by establishing a presence across EMEA, the Asian Pacific region, India, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Over the recent months, its growth and development have also allowed it to expand its reach to the UK, Norway, and the U.S. Fundamentally, its aim is to be the best of the best, delivering more than what is expected for clients, peers, and partners alike. Its services even include IT consulting, test engineering, process analysis, automation, digital analysis and automation, digital era with cloud, and more, covering domains from telecom to financial services, health, energy, supply chains, textiles, banking, government, and more. Having grown exponentially, with further development on the horizon, it boasts a 94% employee satisfaction rate that helps it to lend a personal touch to its work. NISH Tech’s staff are well trained, well supported, and listened to, and they extend this healthy environment out towards their clients. Critically, aiding the betterment of technical and soft skills, its client relations managers, trainers, and senior employees all ensure that a bright future as industry leaders is imminent. This achievement is being roundly celebrated this month, as August this year marks NISH Tech’s fifth birthday. NISH Tech extends a hearty congratulations and a great big thanks to every staff member who has helped it to reach this point, and thanks also to its clients for their continued unwavering support. Company: NISH Tech BV Contact: Ram THANNE, Managing Director Website: Most Pioneering Testing Engineering & IT Consulting Company - Belgium

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Benelux Enterprise Awards 2022 17 , Jun22442 Best Dance School 2022 - Netherlands Having found its footing in the summer of 2014, Chassé Dance Studios was able to hit the ground running by providing local people with a well-fitted, well-situated, and professional managed dance studio that suits a wide variety of needs. Participating in several different theatre productions, productions, and TV recordings alongside its exemplary dance classes, it has made itself a truly welcoming, diverse, and inclusive studio that each of its students grow to love. Chassé Dance Studios, a dance venue and school containing 9 studios within it, has made itself one of the most impeccable pillars of its community for dance as creative expression, exercise, and career. With workshops, performances, private lessons, and workshops for companies or children’s parties all available within the infrastructure, its team work hard to be the solution for all the needs of its dancers, a diverse group of people who come from all walks of life and span a variety of ages and experience levels. Indeed, from the very young to the very old, professional to amateur, the local to the international, its students include those with ambitions of going into professional dance and those just looking for a creative outlet, with additional sensitive, empathic, and understanding classes for its students with additional needs. Its school, in essence, strives to form a safe and supportive place for anyone who loves to dance. Its tutors achieve this by ensuring that each classroom is a safe and nonjudgemental environment, where learning as a non-linear journey is championed, and its wide range of classes allow them to explore where their passions lie. This is especially shown in its group experiences and children’s parties, where its tutors will encourage an attendee to really throw themselves into trying everything involved, leaving their worries and inhibitions at the door in order to immerse themselves in a new hobby. Oftentimes, it finds that such people become its next long-term pupils, taking part in everything from modern fusion to contemporary jazz, ballet and pointe, and dance programme development. Moreover, with air conditioning – both heating and cooling – Wi-Fi, professional floating dance floors, high ceilings, barres, and a professional QSC sound system, its studios are all impeccably kitted out to provide dancers of even the highest standards with the best quality practice space, something it has dedicated itself to in its totality. Encouraging its pupils to embrace learning, expression, inspiration, and challenge, its position within the industry both in Amsterdam and further afield has earned it significant renown in its field. Known, respected, and excellent in every way, its position in the industry is undisputed, and it looks forward to helping many more dancers towards their dreams in the future, working with students old and new alike in order to give them access to the best of the best when it comes to teaching creative physical art. Contact: Shelley Hoekstra Website:

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