EU Business Awards 2018

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 EU Business Awards , Move Orange™ Gas Detection & Safety & Service Best Gas Detection Technology Provider - Germany Providing innovative gas detection solutions, Move Orange™ Gas Detection&Safety&Service places a high value on safety. To learnmore about his translates into great service that clients can truly rely onwe profile the firmand showcase the valuablework it undertakes in this vital sector. Oct18500 Contact Details Company: Move Orange™ Gas Detection & Safety & Service Name: Frank Schulze Address: Hafenstrasse 3 / 21640 Horneburg / Germany Telephone: +498676810 Web Address: Move Orange is a distribution and trainings company for gas detection operating across three sectors. These are gas detection kit and equipment sale; training and further education on the topic of gas detection; and complete maintenance of equipment and detectors for clients. Within the sales space, the firm designs, manufactures and sells portable and fixed gas monitoring solutions. These can be customised to meet the varied needs of Move Orange’s clients across a range of sectors, including industry clients, oil companies and biogas providers. Internally, Move Orange has an open and supportive culture so that staff are able to provide clients with the very highest possible standard of service and support. Communication is also a key component of the firm’s approach so that staff collaborate and use their collective skills to give customers the service they expect. Operating in such a vital industry, where its gas detection solutions can literally save lives, this communicative and open approach is particularly important. Staff are always proactive and work alongside their clients and colleagues to ensure that every solution they provide is made and maintained to the highest possible standard. As part of the firm’s ongoing drive to enhance its already phenomenal success, Move Orange recently rebuilt its website, with an emphasis on ease-of-use and client satisfaction. As such, the company is now producing more video content and driving clients to contact them around the clock should they require any support or advice on their gas detection products. This dedication to client service will allow Move Orange to grow and thrive over the years to come.