EU Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 EU Business Awards 9 , Katzennetz Profi Reimers Best Cat Protection Product 2018 - North Rhine-Westphalia Oct18525 Katzennetz Profi Reimers provides unique products designed to protect cats fromhurting themselves by falling fromhigh surfaces. As part of our overview of a selection of this year’s winners from the EU Business Awards we profile the firm to find out more about its innovative offering. on improvements and renewals to ensure their solution remains at the cutting-edge of cat protection market. The firm’s flagship product is the Katzenbalkon. This is a cat cage that can be installed from the outside to any window. This solution is of particular interest in major cities, where many apartments do not have a balcony, terrace or garden, and as such owners can allow their cats to safely roam their outside space without fear of them hurting themselves or falling. Currently, the firm is seeing a strong trend that cats are being increasingly used as a status symbol. This is particularly true of certain breeds such as Bengal Cats, Maine Coons, and British Shorthairs. High-quality cat protection is very important in these very agile and often expensive cat breeds. Katzennetz Profi’s solutions also act as security and deter anyone who might want to take one of these animals, which are often high in value thanks to their rarity and popularity. Ultimately, Katzennetz Profi’s goal in the future is to be the leading provider of cat protection in Europe as a whole. To achieve this ambitious aim, moving forward the team will continue to cultivate and expand their existing partnerships. Thanks to the support of the English manufacturer ProtectaPet, the firm have already been able to exclusively win over one of the leading manufacturers in our industry as a partner in Germany. In Austria, Katzennetz Profi have set up a partner company that handles the requests there. In the future, further assembly partners in Switzerland, France and Belgium are to follow so that the company can establish a firm hold on the European market and supply its award-winning solutions to an even wider array of clients. As a trained all- round craftsman, Torsten Reimers founded Katzennetz Profi in 2012. Together with his wife Tanja he worked hard to offer netting solutions to protect of balconies and terraces against cats. Only a few months after inception the firm was so inundated with orders that Torsten and his wife had to hire two more fitters. Today, 90% of the firm’s clients are private cat owners and breeders, as well as animal welfare organizations and animal shelters. Due to of the increasing demand the firm now offers today all kinds of cat protection to clients all over Germany thanks to its dedicated team, which currently consists of six staff. Together this innovative and pioneering team work every day Contact Details Company: Katzennetz Profi Reimers Contact: Torsten Reimers Website: Email: [email protected]