European Enterprise Awards 2019

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Leading Providers of Disaster Recovery Software 2019 Ensuring an emergency backup of software and data is essential as the world becomes more reliant on digital solutions. It can be a challenge, however, with different needs, systems and technologies available for companies to explore. Taking away the problems in this sector are SEP, award-winning vendors of backup and disaster recovery solutions. Join us as we take a closer look at the company to find out more. Nov19557 With the motto of ‘We support the systems no one else can’, SEP have a clear USP that describes a huge advantage for the firm. Not only supporting the market leaders, this is a company that can handle any of the less widespread technologies currently on offer. This helps clients to consistently protect and quickly restore their diverse IT environments, with the SEP team ensuring that databases and applications are backed up and restored in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. Having a recovery solution ‘just in case’ always pays off when the worst happens, but the quicker a business is able to get back on its feet, the better. There is no organisation more attuned to the task than SEP, with its wide range of solutions for the protection of cross-platform, heterogeneous IT environments. With universal support for complex environments strongly distinguishing SEP’s solution from those of its competitors. SEP’s software solution, SEP sesam, is designed as a hybrid solution, combining the advantages of physical, virtual, on-premise and cloud- based environments. Enabling IT managers to flexibly adapt infrastructure to constantly growing requirements, this technique saves time and reduces operating costs considerably. SEP has a close partnership with SAP, a leading enterprise resource planning software, and is designed to provide certified backup for the complete SAP solution stack. SEP offers also Cloud App Protection Services (for Office 365, Salesforce, G-Suite and Microsoft Dynamics - because the user itself is responsible for the data protection of cloud applications) and for service providers, who are running Backup-as-a-Service. The business of disaster recovery is one that is constantly evolving. Alongside the need to cater to an increasingly large range of applications, databases and operating systems, the need to remain up to date with data protection requirements, such as GDPR. IT administrators worldwide are facing the rise of IoT, Industry 4.0, AI and Big- Data, and this change is being felt across the industry. With these changes playing a huge part in data storage and security, they must be covered by flexible, reliable data protection solutions to ensure business continuity. Being based in Europe has allowed for the business to flourish. As a part of a large economic area with a big base of