European Enterprise Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards 17 SEP common understanding, needs and possibilities, the company is open for partnerships in, and outside, Europe. Operating with the ability to develop solutions with no restrictions like US companies have, such as the implementation of backdoors with their companies, it means that SEP is able to design solutions that are thoroughly market-oriented. Looking forward, SEP seem set to develop its sesam software even further, ensuring its spot as a technologically leading and customer-focused solution. Having established itself on the principle of a genuine hybrid backup that provides the optimal protection for virtual and physical worlds, SEP remains committed to sharing this system with its clients. As data protection becomes increasingly detailed, the need for recovery solutions to account for this will become more important. This move is especially significant for fast, uncomplicated data recovery in order to meet service-level agreements in a time of Big Data. It can be crucial for the survival of a company. As applications change and new ones are added at high speeds, so the need for IT administrators to be at liberty to take advantage of these new technologies will grow. A flexible backup, being developed by SEP, will cover all of these new requirements. TM NetWeaver Providing the best possible backup is not a matter of seeing where the need is after the fact but anticipating where it will be next. SEP is eminently capable of seeing where the world of technology is heading and finding the best way to ensure success for a business. With an incredibly flexible approach that makes businesses safe, this award-winning business has secured a solid place in the market. Company: SEP Contact: Andreas Mayer Web: