European Enterprise Awards 2019

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 European Enterprise Awards , Most Innovative Sports & Leisure Goods Retailer 2019 When French legislation banned swimming shorts andmade mandatory the wearing of swimming caps, the opportunity to support public pools implement these rules came about. The TOPSEC Group’s innovative solutionwas a vendingmachine with a difference, supplying everything needed at a leisure center. Now expanding with successful subsidiary TOPSEC Netherland, we took a closer look at this award-winning firm to discover more. Dec19415 who turn up to a swimming pool unaware or ill-equipped, a TOPSEC vending machine takes the pressure from employees and places it entirely within the remit of an automated answer. The Group are able to handle the entire process, from the design and sourcing of sports and leisure goods, to the logistics of installing at the premises, maintenance and management of stock. These top-quality vending machines are installed with everything that a customer could need to take part in sports with total piece of mind and at affordable prices. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the team at TOPSEC keep on top of their machines remotely. This allows the team to monitor the number of sales, stock and any malfunctions. The result is entirely stress-free for clients, and a joy for customers. Thanks to the unlimited potential of this approach to the vending machine, the possibilities for implementation are endless. TOPSEC has considered the Leaders in the sale of sports and leisure goods, TOPSEC has built its business on opportunity and innovation. Born in the heart of legislative changes, this revolutionary approach to vending machine technology has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Now offering services not only in France, but across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, it’s clear that the business has the potential to expand even further. TOPSEC Netherland, the winner of the award, is the first foreign subsidiary for the TOPSEC Group, providing the leadership team with an immense challenge that has paid dividends. Founded in 2014, the clientele and turnover of the company has steadily grown month on month, with the expectation of reaching the one-million-euro threshold by next year. The secret of this success lies in the unique turnkey solution that TOPSEC can offer sports- related organisations. For those exploration of new fields key to growing the company, which is why its vending machines are not only used in other countries, but in establishments that vary from ice-skating rinks to hotels to camping sites. With each unique machine filled with locally matched needs like swimsuits, goggles, caps, gloves, and accessories like diapers, shower gel and towels, there is always something for everyone. The quality and variety of what TOPSEC has to offer is unparalleled in the industry. No other company has been able to offer the same service at the same scale. Of course, in terms of purchases the biggest competition comes from traditional sports stores and online suppliers, but neither offers the immediacy of a TOPSEC vending machine. Perfectly placed and offering competitively priced products, it really is set apart from the rest. Moving forward, TOPSEC’s overall goal is to establish itself as the market leader in sales of sports and leisure articles at all sports premises throughout Europe, as well as the first in non-food vending machine solutions. As TOPSEC continues to expand, so do its many possibilities. This is a business founded in opportunity and innovation, and as it grows into new locations, it is certain that TOPSEC will find both. With the creation of a stress-free solution for clients, and an important role to play amongst customers, the TOPSEC is set to become an important part of the sports scene across Europe. Company: TOPSEC Netherland Thomas Lefauchoux | Global Business Manager Email: [email protected] Joanna Hummel | Country Manager Benelux Email: [email protected] Web Address: