European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 11 , Best App-Based Workplace Safety Solutions Provider 2020 With the pandemic presenting new challenges to companies regarding how tomanage risk to their lone-workers, app developer StaySafe is providing a new and Covid-19 safe solution. Nov20427 StaySafe was founded in 2012 by Graham Mills when he looked for a safety solution for his lone work surveyors and couldn’t find one. Instead of waiting for one to come along and possibly never seeing it, he decided to develop one. Today, StaySafe is a cloud-based monitoring system run through an app that provides safety for lone workers with an intuitive check-in system, an assistance request option, tracking through its in-built hub, and alert response management. It was developed with the help of numerous safety experts, and its popularity is shown in its impressive user portfolio which spans 47 countries and includes companies like Ericsson, KPMG, Barwon Water and Barnados. Setting StaySafe apart from its competition, it has three features that give it an advantage. Firstly, it has been lauded as being the easiest to use lone-worker safety app on the market – it fits seamlessly into the working day, is constantly upgraded and enhanced, and includes facial and fingerprint recognition. StaySafe also provides wearable technology and satellite tracking devices for its clients and is trusted by major corporates, SMEs and not-for- profit organisations for its ability to keep their employees safe. Additionally, it boasts a 16% greater geographical coverage than its competition. Lastly, its onboarding is conducted in-app. This requires very little external support as the training can be conducted entirely remotely, making it an ideal solution for clients struggling to find a risk management solution during this pandemic. Covid-19 has increased the need for companies to utilise lone- working, consequently increasing the difficulty for organisations to adequately perform their duty of care towards their workers. To manage the risks their employees may face whilst working, many companies are turning to StaySafe as one of the only viable solutions. ‘COVID-19 controls have led to a significant increase in lone working… it has also, sadly, increased tensions leading to more dangers from aggressive individuals,’ said Mark Kusionowicz, CMO of StaySafe. Whilst in general people have responded to the pandemic with an understanding of why the rules are important to follow, abuse of workers operating in Covid- 19 is a significant concern for employers. During this period of worldwide transition into a new set of social norms and behavioural expectations such as temperature checks, social distancing and face coverings, there is an increased risk of aggression towards those working to enforce or even just abide by these rules. Given that StaySafe was developed in the UK, it was created with the strong Health and Safety legislation for lone worker protection in mind. As a result of this, and the fact that many countries do not have such legislation, StaySafe’s solutions are extremely comprehensive, something that has increased its appeal to the international market as well as at home. Due to this and its other unique selling points, it has successfully gained new clients in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. Passionate about its customer’s success and the promotion of appropriate safety tools for those who need them, StaySafe is a small yet ambitious team. They collaborate with each other across skill and role boundaries to go the extra mile for their clients, ensuring their solutions fulfil their duties in the most effective and user-friendly manner possible. In terms of what this company look forward to for the future, it’s simple. StaySafe’s goal is to get as many companies as possible who utilise lone workers to use the app. Given that fewer than 10% of lone workers have a solution in place to manage personal risk in the UK, there are still plenty of opportunities for growth at home. Furthermore, in the US, the count of people using systems like it is less than 1%, and so the market is wide open for StaySafe to establish themselves even further. Company: StaySafe Contact: Mark Kusionowicz Website: