European Enterprise Award 2020

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best International Medical Aesthetics Brand 2020 Awell-established global brand, IngridMillet Paris reflects on the status of the aestheticmedical technology industry, and reveals inwhat way this prestigious company plans to develop next. Dec20075 Ingrid Millet Paris was founded in 1959, following French cosmetologist Madame Ingrid Millet’s ground-breaking discovery of the powerful anti-ageing properties of Caviar extract. She became the first person to use them in cosmetics, as a mean of combating premature skin ageing. Today, Ingrid Millet has grown into a fully integrated international medical aesthetic brand present in several countries, providing skincare products and medical aesthetic treatments services. Its French research teams focus on innovation and the application of bio-technological breakthrough to skincare. Devices are developed using the most advanced medical technologies and its experienced training teams develop programmes and protocols to serve customers throughout the world. Today, Ingrid Millet is the only international fully integrated medical aesthetic brand, combining both skincare products and treatment services. In 2019, Ingrid Millet was ranked #1 Medical Aesthetic brand globally by Frost & Sullivan. Its international presence also helps the company keep abreast of the latest developments in skincare and medical aesthetic technologies around the world. Covid has brought a certain number of unparalleled challenges to the industry. However, challenges have come with opportunities. First, a strong foothold in Asia has allowed the company to quickly develop and roll out strict protocols to protect both customers and aestheticians early in the pandemic. Second, Covid accelerated a shift in priorities and values, with a stronger emphasis on efficiency and results. Customers are increasingly gravitating toward medical aesthetics as opposed to traditional beauty or spa treatments. This trend is supported by the development of more effective and safer aesthetic medical devices. As a leading actor in the field of medical aesthetics, Ingrid Millet is well positioned to benefit from this shift. As an EU based company, Ingrid Millet benefits from Europe’s strong and unique tradition of excellence in R&D both in skincare products and in aesthetic medical devices. As a vertically integrated brand (from skincare products to treatment services), the company keeps close to the pulse of the market and is fundamentally customer centric. “Most cosmetic brands are wholesalers and never actually have contacts with their end customers” says Export Director Lise Autet. “We have wholesale activities, but we also serve our end customers every day. Because of this, we have developed a strong culture of service and excellence”. As a global vertically integrated brand, Ingrid Millet’s teams from around the world closely working together to develop skincare products, medical aesthetic devices and treatment protocols. “We know the power of collaboration between different types of expertise, cultures, languages, mentalities and view of the world. The capacity to work together is deeply embedded in our DNA” adds Autet. One of the focus points of expansion at the moment is Asia, as most countries there have positive regulations regarding the use of medical technologies in the medical aesthetic sector. The company sees strong opportunities where regulations are open to the use of medical devices by qualified aestheticians. Regulations where some medical devices for aesthetic use may only be operated by medical practitioners unnecessarily curbs the development of the industry, keeping the prices of such treatment high and the offering to customers limited. Autet explains: “Today, medical devices in use in the medical aesthetic industry have an abundance of safety features, so they are safe if operated by trained and qualified aestheticians. This is not a dream, we have examples of places where this works very well such as some countries in Asia, and the UK. We know from experience that customers benefit from such regulations, so we hope that more governments will review their regulations in this direction”. Company: Laboratoires Ingrid Millet Contact: Lise Autet Website: