European Enterprise Award 2020

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Most Client-Focused Influencer Marketing & Representation Agency - Spain Based in Spain andwith an ever-increasing portfolio of clients inwider Europe, theHamelin Agency is an influencermarketing agency that prides itself on doing things differently. Dec20014 The Hamelin Agency is an influencer marketing agency based in Spain that established itself as its own brand after splitting away from parent company Sensory Communication. Since then, it has made a name for itself by supporting both influencers and brands in every step of the process of a campaign. This involves a comprehensive service that takes a client from the creation of their concept and selection of influencers to campaign launch and analysis of gathered data afterwards. It has worked with numerous companies that are either international brands looking to operate in Spain or Spanish brands seeking a springboard into the wider world, providing services to big names such as Amazon, Foodspring, Natracare, Foreo, Netflix, Cabify, Oatly, and government institutions. Altogether, it has expanded its reach to 90% of Spanish communication agencies and 30 different countries in the EU, with more than 10,000 registered and audited professional talents to serve its clients’ needs. Throughout everything it does, there is a unifying mission of providing a specialised service to its clients as one of the leading voices in influencer marketing. To this end, it only works with brands that are honest with the public. Hamelin found its niche when it became the first Spanish influencer marketing company to offer an ‘influencer hunter’ service in 2016. At a time when so many of its competitors were offering their services through very limited representation, Hamelin operated with the entire ‘ecosystem’ of Spanish talent in mind, and in 2018 opened it up to the European market. This transversal service provides a strategically sound operation as well as the creative energy to manage the wider world of social media marketing. With the reality of influencer marketing being such a quickly evolving industry, the smallest factor can bring about great change and render older strategies completely obsolete. With the pandemic causing the world to be even more connected online than ever before, the remote marketing industry has seen a great amount of growth. The increased emphasis on the effectiveness of a company’s online strategy has ensured the flourishing of businesses that started out as ‘digital natives’, and those that made the transition to primarily online services after the outbreak. This has also caused more varied social media applications to be developed in response to needing to host more people with more varied demands. For instance, recently ‘ClubHouse’ was developed to supply a new solution for professionally focused social media. Apps are also more popular than ever – after the rise of Tiktok and its popularity amongst younger generations, Hamelin has had to adapt its strategies to keep abreast of these new developments. The past year has also provided some brands with hard lessons in what a good media strategy is and isn’t by learning the hard way. The services offered by companies like Hamelin could, in such cases, prevent incidences of finding out that a certain strategy is in fact a bad one and causing reputational damage at a time when that cannot be afforded. Internally, Hamelin values the knowledge and experience required to make yourself heard in influencer marketing. As it operates across a wider variety of languages and cultures, it has a diverse environment of motivated people who ensure that the strategies it offers to its clients are as innovative as they are effective. It is also dedicated to ensuring that its internal values are withheld within the company all the way up to management. Furthermore, Hamelin finds it important to consider both qualitative and quantitative data in assessing the efficacy of a given campaign. Moving towards the future, Hamelin recognises that forecasting for 2021 is a difficult task for any sector. This, perhaps, is the most evident in industries such as social media and influencer marketing. Despite this, Hamelin is confident that the demand for solid, strategic marketing will only continue to trend upwards even after the resolution of the pandemic. Industry trends seem to agree with this: Market Week found that almost 75% of marketers who were surveyed reported an increase in users as their top predicted outcome for 2021. This is a 58% increase over previous years. Company: Hamelin - Agencia de Influencers Contact: Marisa Oliver Website: