European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 19 , Best Consumer Electronics Distributor – Poland AV.Net Sieci Audiowizualne Ltd was founded in 2002 by specialists who have been operating in the audio visual industry for many years. The company has developed highly specialised organisational units which, thanks to thorough knowledge of the audio visual presentation market, as well as data processing and transmission, have developed standards that guarantee full satisfaction of customers' needs, regardless of their complexity level. Nov20419 The solutions offered by AV.Net Sieci Audiowizualne Sp. z o. o. are non- standard, completely bespoke and strictly adapted to the individual needs of customers. The most important determinant of the firm’s success is the ability to meet all the needs and preferences of clients. Although each client is treated individually, during its operation, the company has also developed a wide range of typical solutions, allowing for faster and, more importantly, cheaper order processing. Jerzy Gill, the company’s Managing Director, tells us that the firm, like most companies, has competitors operating within the same space, however AV.Net differentiates itself by working with its customers to seek out, and implement, the best solution possible. “Perfect image is more than simply excellent projectors,” he begins. “It is full visual system perfectly matched to each other. We are experts who perfectly prepare equipment for use and perfectly train the user. “We are always telling our customers true and fair about the strengths and weaknesses of the products. This is why we prefer JVC Reference Series projectors, which provides the best contrast and black level on the market.” Another advantage for AV.Net, other than honesty and customer service, is its value-added distribution. This means the firm knows everything about the product sold and shares its expertise and experience with customers and distribution channels. “We are carefully selecting suppliers to get the best value for money,” Jerzy elaborates. “Every customer is important for us, both those looking for the advanced AV system or just looking for one projector only.” The current trend, largely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is for employers developing the best workplace in employees’ homes, including technological additions such as fibre optic to desks, PC stations, camera and microphones. “This is why during Covid-19 our residential customers are looking for the best projectors and flexible content providers. Increased sale of the best (and most expensive) projectors is an unexpected aftermath of the pandemic in Poland.” Another trend that has emerged since the pandemic is lower demand from businesses due to offices being empty in favour of the home office. “We are also experiencing lack of availability of many products from manufacturers due to a break in manufacturing in the first half of the year and slow resumption of the production in the second half of 2020. The most critical factor of sales volume is not the price but availability. “However our company made the correct forecast and we have stock for immediate delivery to our customer and distribution channels.” When it comes to the team at AV.Net, Jerzy explains that individuals with passion, as well as talent, are ideal candidates to work for the company. Valuing self-development, self-motivation, independence and integrity, the firm is continuously looking to recruit the right people. It is down to a mixture of innovative product offerings and dedicated teamwork that has helped make AV.Net so successful. Recently the firm was awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Consumer Electronics Distributor – Poland, and Jerzy tells us exactly what a title of this nature means to the company. “We are extremely proud of the accomplishment. To finish the year with this prized title is the icing on the cake in this successful year. We thank our all customers and partners internationally for their continued support and give a special acknowledgement to our team here in Warsaw.” Regarding the future, AV.Net has big plans, including the expansion of its distribution, plus the goal of becoming an AV supplier of the main EU institutions like CERN, which they have been just chosen as a main AV supplier for the following three years. Bringing the interview to a close, Jerzy signs off by revealing some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm in the years to come. “I think we have some excellent plans for the future – more premium brands from the European and American market available for Poland and Central Europe. The continent without borders allowed us to work in any place, making installations everywhere we want, and everywhere we can use our experience.” Company: AV.Net Sieci Audiowizualne Ltd Contact: Jerzy Gil Website: B2B partners :