European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 21 , Best Gas Analysis & Sampling Micro PumpManufacturer 2020 Supplying inventive micropump designs worldwide to a wide variety of industries, Xavitech is a Swedish company with big ideas that are – literally – out of this world. Nov20484 15 years ago, Xavitech was founded on the idea that pumps for use in wider systems could be better made, and in a far more cost-effective manner. From these ambitious starting blocks, it exhibited its first design of a pump system at Medica, a medical technology fair in Düsseldorf. Now many years later, Xavitech has a wider portfolio of cliental and has had its used products in worldwide technological advances within medical technology and environmental technology, primarily. Its pumps are sold as OEM components to be integrated into their client’s end-products, designed specifically to work within that clients needs and budget. Its products have notably been bought by NASA for use on the ISS, and its expertise lies in electronics and mechanical engineering, allowing it to work with a client from the design phase to the integration of their pump. Uniquely built with a micro-controller in the pump itself, Xavitech allow its clientele to customise the calibrations of their pumps to suit each very specific task. Additionally, it includes a patented pump monitor; this system makes it last longer than any other pump on the market, giving it a serious edge over its competition. Even during Xavitech’s first showing, one of its most stalwart competitors remarked that its innovations were ‘the most fun thing to have happened in the pump industry in the past 30 years’. During the last ten years, the micropump market has been on an ever- increasing upward trend, and due to this it has seen yet more regulations and control of manufacture be introduced. Xavitech keep abreast of these developments to ensure that not only are its products fit to purpose but fit comfortably within an ever-changing legal standard. Further driving these regulations have been human impact on the environment and the amount of sophisticated product development in health care solutions, starting in the North-West and beginning to expand its reach. Despite the dynamic nature of these industries, they have still not come out of the pandemic totally unscathed. Xavitech works within the development of new products, and Covid-19 has had a severe impact on this side of their enterprise as loss of funding and budget cuts cause tumult. However, healthcare has been the one industry Xavitech serves that has not seen this effect occur. With more hospitalisations than ever, the demand for MedTech has if anything increased dramatically, and Xavitech have been working hard to satisfy this demand. Being based in the EU, Xavitech finds significant benefit to their enterprise in Sweden being part of its trade bloc. Due to operating in a relatively small nation with an extremely large contact network, they can make use of the limitless travel within the EU to take their products around larger countries. The fact that Sweden is not part of the Economic and Monetary Union has also benefitted them in the long run. Within their company itself, Xavitech are a small enterprise that must keep up with a worldwide market, being one of the leading providers of micropump technology. They prize flexible and dedicated people when it comes to hiring new talent, as well as people who are open to new ideas and not shy about speaking their mind when discussing projects new and old. As a final word, Xavitech’s strategic communicator Josefine Brunnström tells us about the company’s plans for 2021.They are constantly searching for smarter products and more intuitive designs that will allow them to respond to yet more of their diverse clientele’s requirements. During this year they will be launching an app to allow customers the ability to alter and experiment with the function of the micropump, aspiring to make calibrating the product easier. Xavitech hopes that remote access and experimentation through such a user-friendly interface will make their technology more accessible to those who have less experience with programming. Lasting, they are committing more to environmental responsibility in 2021 by planning to change changing the plastic in all standard pumps to a plastic that’s more environmentally friendly. Company: Xavitech Micropumps AB Contact: Josefine Brunnström Website: