European Enterprise Award 2020

20 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best Reversal Data Lineage Solution: iGovernance Suite Striving to be the best Reversal Data Lineage Solution on the market, with all efforts directed towards giving back to customers the knowledge lost in their IT physical processes, AboutDataGovernance stands head and shoulders above the rest. StefanoMino, Sales Director and Co-Founder tells us more. Nov20558 Italian Company, AboutDataGovernance, was founded in 2015 by professionals with more than 20 years’ experience in data and metadata management in leading multinational companies. The firm’s solution, iGovernance Suite, is cross industry and suitable for companies of any size. It is the most effective and comprehensive Reversal Data Lineage solution available today on the market. It is completely developed in-house by AboutDataGovernance’s code farm located in Rome with an up-to-date 20-year/man investment in development. Running behind the IT systems and architectures, iGovernance Suite allows companies to achieve the maximum value from its metadata and grant the success of customers’ strategies and innovations processes. Reversal Data Lineage is defined as a kind of data lifecycle as it states where data is coming from; where it is going; what transformations (rules) are applied as it flows multiple processes. It helps reply to simple but fundamental questions like: “Where did you get the data set to calculate EBITA and which transformation rules have been applied?” Getting full lineage of how data was created, what it means, and how has been transformed, any company can be fully confident that it’s CEO, or CFO or CxO will get reliable and trustworthy data from their applications dashboards and use it for innovation and growths, to get great new products and services, a better productivity or a resource efficiency. “Since our foundation, we decided that it would be the tool to be adapted to satisfy each Customer’s need and not the reverse,” explains Co-Founder, Stefano Mino. “Our solution has been engineered to easily satisfy this aspect, and we are still doing it with each customer. This approach has indeed helped us to build a solution having those functionalities the market was expecting.” The core of the firm’s proposal is a set of ready-to-go Metadata Catchers able to retrieve the complete knowledge of physical IT processes described in the most common tools (IBM DataStage, Informatica Powercenter, Talend, etc.) and languages (SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL Java, etc.), to support any company’s data-driven strategy and ensure the highest quality and governance for the organisation’s data. Its mission is to recover the knowledge of customers’ IT physical processes to support their digital, data-driven strategy with correct, accurate and quality metadata. Several key experiences in the field have highlighted some important features (100% Complete, Validated, Automatic, Historicized, Intelligible) that a reversal data lineage must have in order to be really considered useful by our customers, therefore AboutDataGovernance has used different kinds of metadata - technical ones at declaration level, technical ones collected at run time and operational ones - to hit this target. “From our experience – many reversal data lineage implementations that do not have these five fundamental requirements our iGovernance Suite Data Lineage solution has, will not fully support the decision process activity, so finally it is not really useful!” “These needs arose significantly in those customers who in the last 20+ years had invested to implement/increase their physical IT processes, knowing that the knowledge of these processes was entirely in the hands of an IT ‘individual’ who operated manually on each of them. The big risk was losing all the enterprise’s knowledge of physical IT processes as soon as this individual would change company, function or would retire.” Stefano tells us that reversal data lineage is key to many areas of business, with customers and prospects being interested in different topics, such as improved efficiency (for example, smart and cloud working); compliances and regulations (GDPR, Mifid); data governance; data quality; data management; big data; artificial intelligence; machine learning; data integration projects; transformational change; data mining and data lifecycle management. A reversal data lineage creates tremendous business value for companies that need to maximise their data quality, create robust data governance, complete compliance to regulations and reduce IT Management risks and costs. “It’s not a solution only for big or financial companies, it is for all organisations of all vertical markets. “There is no specific time to start”, he highlights. “Companies adopt a reversal data lineage solution when they believe it is no longer sustainable to manage an IT department without sharing this deep knowledge at any company level, optimising IT costs (offloading obsolete data and objects across IT systems), increasing efficiency (in managing the applications: development, maintenance, etc) and reducing risks (in all data-driven digital transformations initiatives).” Regarding the future, AboutDataGovernance has big developments for 2021, including launching its offering through SaaS, as well as plans to open subsidiaries abroad so that any partner, distributor or investor can get onboard. 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