European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 23 , Best Sustainable Strategy & Communications Consultancy 2020 Buddha PR, founded by AsimAliloski, is a sustainable coaching and consultancy company based in Vienna, Austria, and specialising in personality PR and executive coaching. Nov20554 With a unique approach of authentic personal branding and holistic self-development, Buddha PR helps mindful leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world to create mindful businesses and products to the benefit of all, and to become the most authentic version of themselves while making a greater impact in the world. The mission of Buddha PR centres around supporting visionary leaders in bringing their most authentic self into the spotlight while having the opportunity to discover their highest potentials and talents. Through Asim’s work, people awaken their intuition and tap into their spiritual power in order to take better decisions and achieve greater impact. Asim tells us more about his innovative approach and strategy. “My work approach is very unique and aligned to the teaching philosophies of Buddha,” he begins. “I give my clients the space they need in order to go inside such as Buddha did (the inside approach), to discover the true essence of their being, unfolding their greatest potentials and find out their true purpose in life.” The next step in the process is for clients to be able to show this authentic self to the world and share their deepest massages with the world (known as the outside approach). Buddha followed this path and Asim enables Buddha PR clients to do the same which helps companies and organisations to create products and services aligned with their true values and highest integrity. Asim is native Viennese, originally coming from the Balkan Peninsula, and he combines elements of both ancient Greek philosophy with professional coaching and universal spirituality in his work. His spiritual roots are grounded in Sufism and, during a longer stay in South East Asia; he also came into contact with Buddhism. Asim benefits hugely from being based in Europe due to the wide range of different cultural and mystical influences that help enrich the quality of his coaching services. “Lately, I have seen that more and more people are looking for deeper meaning and connection,” he continues. “They want to discover their true purpose in life and make it a success. This is one reason why more consultants and coaches are needed in order to meet that demands of mindfully leaded companies and organisations. This is a new approach as old systems and thinking patterns are falling apart.” Asim is also a bestselling author, as well as a transformational speaker, spiritual leader and award-winning business and life coach. He has been working with entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, celebrities and high performers all over the world for many year, and has several prestigious accolades under his belt, as well as the recently added title of Best Sustainable Strategy & Communications Consultancy 2020 in the European Enterprise Awards. Asim has been listed amongst the 101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020 by HRD and Top 50 Influential Coach Leaders by Kosmo Magazine, as well as being nominated for the Austrian Prestige Awards 2020. Asim has interviewed highly influential people and written several books helping readers to change their mindset and raise their consciousness. He has been featured in several international media publications and has been publishing himself more than 100 articles about personal and professional development. With regards to the future, Asim is determined to continue his good work and successful journey. “The goal of Buddha PR is to become the Number One consultancy for mindful companies and organisations in the world.” Company: BUDDHA PR Coaching & Consulting Contact: Asim Aliloski Website: | Email: [email protected]