European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 27 , Best Cloud Hosting Solutions Provider – Netherlands vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company that offers servers, cloud services and hosting capacity to companies all around the world. Stijn Terhorst tells us more about this unique offering. Nov20671 Based in The Netherlands, vBoxx provides high performance hosting solutions built on its own cloud infrastructure for maximum performance and reliability. Founded in 2012 by three entrepreneurs, Valentijn, Saxwin and Alexander, the story goes that they had a vision whilst in a café in Hague and decided to make a change! Cloud technology was at an early stage, but the trio had already noticed its future potential. “It was time to challenge ourselves, and our competitors,” they stated. In 2014, they released their main product: vBoxxCloud. And the rest, as they say, is history! With vBoxxCloud, all files are safely stored online, and users always have a backup and complete insight into who can access the files. “We follow market trend by integrating the most innovative features into your cloud,” explains Stijn Terhorst, the company’s Online Sales Manager, speaking about the product. “We especially place great emphasis on security which is composed by strong encryption, anti-ransomware and an advanced admin dashboard, through which you can completely monitor the activities in your cloud.” This secure offering is further supported with customer service which is built upon trust. The company highly values personal contact with its customers in order to remain completely aware of all their needs and how they can be best met. In turn, this will allow for continued improvement of vBoxxCloud. Initial client contact begins with a demonstration, whereby time is taken to explain vBoxxCloud, and to discuss the requirements of customers. Some clients have specific wishes for organizational structures, whereas others want to learn the basic steps of using vBoxxCloud. The highly- trained technical support team is fully dedicated to providing a helping hand, should any questions arise. As well as an award-winning product, the firm’s customer service is also second to none. “The needs of our customers are always our top priority, which might explain why we have great customer loyalty,” Stijn enthuses, explaining how vBoxx differentiates itself from competitors. “We provide highly-qualitative and personal support. We assign to each customer a member of the technical support team, who is fully dedicated to give you a helping hand. We listen to everyone’s needs, through which we can improve our cloud solution and thus enhance our customer loyalty.” vBoxx’s internal culture is characterised by a flat organizational structure through which the company intends to break through the traditional corporation culture, with the leaders are convinced that bundling skills and knowledge will provide the optimal outcome. “That's why we recruit new employees based upon their open-mindedness and creativity. We want to give them free space to put their own mark to the company.” At the same time, this organizational structure provides great advantage to deliver effective customer service. The customer service department is interwoven with the IT and sales department, meaning any type of question or query can be quickly solved. Whilst in 2012, the Cloud industry occupied a small share of the IT market it has grown substantially over the past eight years and now cloud solutions are very much interwoven into daily life. More and more private corporations are discovering the efficiency of working in the cloud, either at home or at work, and the recent Covid-19 pandemic has only exemplified this with working from home and remote access becoming the norm. vBoxx has noticed a rise of public institutions and freelancers who are looking for a safe solution to share files, and therefore, vBoxxCloud is the ideal solution as it is designed to be accessible for each type of customer, offering a wide range of organizational structures. Regarding the future, Stijn explain that vBoxx intends to stay very much on its road to growth, which it plans to do through consolidating its products into one neat package. “Our short-and medium plan is to offer a comprehensive package of cloud services. These days, you might get overwhelmed by the different type of cloud solutions. Concluding multiple contracts might create a complex environment whereby cloud solutions might overlap and conflict. Consequently, you need to contact different cloud providers to solve any issues. Therefore, vBoxx wants to centralise these services, such as web- hosting, email and cloud storage, and integrate them into vBoxxCloud.” Company: vBoxx Contact: Stijn Terhorst Website: