European Enterprise Award 2020

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best Management & Leadership Services Studio Management and leadership is something that is valued at the best of times, but it has become evenmore of a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic than anyone could have predicted. Businesses, organisations, individuals, and all manner of collectives have found themselves inneed of leadership andmanagement that is clear, direct, and able to provide realistic hope in times of uncertainty. That is where DivisionGroup comes in. Discovermore about this outstanding firmas we unearth its services andwhatmakes it such a formidable force in management and leadership services. Nov20356 Since its inception, Division Group has sought to be a management studio that provides temporary management and innovative leadership services to any client who finds themselves in need of such excellence. Clients can take many forms, as there is an ever-present need for leadership, management, and guidance across all manner of industries and sectors. Having a leader is about more than having a face of a company; it is about ensuring that staff members are looked after, that the direction of a company is heading the right way, that ensuring everyone is focused on the same vision, and that communication is absolutely clear at all times. This is where Division Group really shines. The firm helps its clients lead, structure, and execute their strategic change initiatives more successfully than before, and also supports the design and development of leading, cutting- edge project management solutions. As the world changes and things become more innovative than ever before, the work of Division Group in readying leaders and management staff is absolutely crucial. For a firm such as Division Group, having a clear mission and vision is also key to success, as well as great leadership and service offerings. Division Group’s mission is to obtain a global leadership position in the development of project management, and such a position is only attainable by providing leading interim management services, cutting- edge management solutions, and advisory services. The marriage of mission and vision is perhaps most evident in the firm’s vision of the future, and how its services will be used to help clients. Division Group envisions that its leading services will help clients better achieve their ambitions, whilst also being able to significantly impact and advance the practice of project management. Underpinning this mission and vision from Division Group is a comprehensive set of values that have steered the firm’s success since its inception. The firm’s primary culture styles are oriented towards results, order, learning, and enjoyment. Behaviours that support successful organizational change and give rise to the group’s core values are devotion to every client’s success, a focus on structure, efficiency and collaboration, and an unequivocal emphasis on exploration, creativity, innovation, agility, and engagement. Whilst these are buzzwords and key words within the world of business, what marks out Division Group as unique is the fact that it is an innovator, and is always on the hunt for new ways to help clients lead, structure, and execute their strategic change initiatives more successfully than before. There is uniqueness in the fact that Division Group has created itself a niche that means there are no competitors in the sector. As clients are increasingly employing design thinking to lead large- scale change initiatives, design remains at the core of Division Group’s services to clients. Ultimately, this is a firm that understands what it means to be innovative, and how important it is to have good leadership and management. Division Group deserves its success, and there will surely be more to come in the future. Company: Division Group Contact: Eric Teunissen, CM Website: