European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 29 , Best Sustainable Village Experience Provider - Liechtenstein A sustainable event concept unlike any other, rent a village by xnet is an award-winning take onmeetings, events, conventions and incentives for businesses and organisations. Offering incredible locations and experiences designed to connect and inspire participants through nature, xnet combines cordial hospitalitywith unforgettable conference options that provide simplicity, clarity and authenticity in aworld that is becoming increasingly hectic, complex and disruptive. Nov20588 For more than twenty years, xnet has been taking meetings, incentives, conventions and business events out of the corporate setting and putting them into rural environments in a unique and sustainable event concept that creates lasting impacts. The xnet agency, which was founded in 1999 by aficionado of the hospitality industry, Karl Schwärzler, was created to deliver authentic village hospitality through event management. Today, xnet’s rent a village concept combines hospitality with MICE events designed to inspire participants through extraordinary locations and unforgettable nature experiences. Each of the thirteen villages, spread across some of the most beautiful regions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is scenically unique with a well- established tourist infrastructure. Celebrating the cultural traditions of each village and bathing in the health and awe-inspiring nature that surrounds them, clients are also able to benefit from the supporting programmes supplied by xnet for conferences and business events, which are tailored to the company, the brand, and its end goals. Accommodating 50 to 2,000 people in a village, each xnet site is designed to work around their visitors, with family-run businesses providing everything they need to enjoy a comfortable and productive stay. The innovation that traditional activities, teambuilding exercises and outdoor excursions inspires can then be distilled or expanded in the villages’ conference spaces. xnet works in collaboration with make!sense meetings to provide comprehensive conference and support programmes that are productive and dynamic. Whether it be in an existing structure such as a school or barn, in a specially built conference centre - or even on a ‘strategy hike’ – xnet provides the ideal space for creative thought, mutual exchange, and the nurture of ideas into successful strategies. With many of the service providers already existing in the villages, 70% of the added value remains on site, contributing not only to the authenticity of a village but also to the sustainability of every event. Guests stay with one of the welcoming hosts in the village, dependent on a key raffle which is drawn at the beginning of the event during the welcoming ceremony, a wonderful celebration of the beginning of the company’s time in the village marked by the ceremonial handover of the village key. The mayor greets the guests, the local brass band provides all the necessary fanfare, and the moment is forever preserved in the village book. In addition, xnet knows the importance of branding when it comes to celebrating a company’s identity. As such, the entire village can be transformed to incorporate the essence of the company, from changing the village sign to feature the company logo, renaming streets, introducing a new currency unique to the firm, and adorning the whole village in the company colours. xnet ensures that throughout an event, the village truly belongs to their clients. Following the recent pandemic, xnet have enabled safe village events during these unprecedented times. All of their project leaders have graduated a Covid-19 representative course to guarantee precautions are in place to ensure that they create a safe event. This includes providing a detailed, precaution concept that will be elaborated and individualized for the client. Consequently, rent a village by xnet allows business to reconnect on a new level in an inimitable setting that promotes community, emotionality and authenticity. Encouraging communication and cooperation, xnet aims to reinspire employees and employers alike, giving them the foundations from which to successfully build their businesses as a stronger, more cohesive collaboration than ever before. Company: xnet Kommunikation Ag - rent a village by xnet Contact: Karl Schwärzler Website: