European Enterprise Award 2020

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best Backup & Disaster Recovery Software Solutions - Germany SEPAG is based inHolzkirchen, Germany. Since then, it has been developing leading backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure its products remain at the top of themarket. Dec20009 SEP AG is a manufacturer of backup and disaster recovery software solutions for cross- platform and heterogenous IT environments. Since its start in 1992, it has earned a worldwide list of clients in over 50 countries and expanded to a subsidiary support and sales team in the USA. With its flagship solution SEP sesam, a data backup software, it secures a variety of virtual environments including operating systems, applications, and databases up to SAP. SEP offers backup solutions covered by a wide range of certifications for SAP including SAP HANA on Intel and IBM Power platforms, SAP Business One, SAP NetWeaver on databases and SAP ASE. Its products consolidate several backup systems to a centrally managed hybrid backup solution. It also works with compliance legislation such as EU-GDPR, applying rigorous data protection regulations across all systems for clientele such as service providers running Backup-as-a-Service systems based on SEP sesam technology. ‘With the SEP Cloud Application Protection Service (CAPS), SEP also enables GDPR- compliant Cloud-to-Cloud backup and data loss prevention solution for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, G Suite and Dynamics 365,’ says Andreas Mayer, Senior Marketing Manager of SEP. It has a vast network of partners globally and serves clients such as market leaders in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, federal ministries, public sector branches and universities. In terms of its vision as an enterprise, SEP seeks to ensure that it can grant its clients the peace of mind they need to take their business into the future knowing that their data is protected. This backup systems manufacturer is unique in a few ways, but most prevalently in the way it supports the systems that none of its competitors can. It works with many market leaders and uses those technologies, but also champions its work with new systems to consistently protect and restore a diverse range of data. It has a comprehensive support matrix and supports nine different hypervisors. With all of these continually updating factors and their influence on data storage and security, SEP works hard to ensure it is at the forefront of all the most recent developments in order to respond effectively to the challenges it may face. Recently, one of these challenges has been the pandemic. In response to the emphasis shifting to remote work and home offices over formal office environments, SEP has been offering more digital services, activities, webinars, and training. They have also been offering a promotion for any businesses suffering from Covid-19’s impact that wish to use their services. Its basis in the EU has proved useful both as a springboard to the wider global community and in giving them the freedom needed to develop their wide range of solutions. Unlike in the USA, for example, the EU has no restrictive back door policies on their software and so its teams have the room to work widely and effectively. This team is another aspect of its operation that SEP prides itself on cultivating; with a flat hierarchy and an open and friendly culture, SEP manages communication and processes quickly and easily. This is itself backed up and bolstered by its extensive training offerings. So, what could be in the future for SEP? SEP permanently improves their solutions and services to reach an optimal customer experience and satisfaction. It is also determined to remain a forerunning technological leader by expanding its virtualisation portfolio, including working to include the requirements of many more host providers and a genuine hybrid backup. This would entail optimal protection for both physical and virtual environments on businesses’ premises and through the cloud. With these developments, it will maintain its already glowing reputation of constantly optimising its solutions for its target market. It is due to this reputation that SEP has been given the accolade of ‘Leader’ in backup and recovery in the PUR-S 2021 study conducted by the analytical and research company Techconsult. Company: SEP Contact: Andreas Mayer Website: