European Enterprise Award 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards 33 , Leading Provider of Precision Plastics InjectionMoulding - UK The role of plastics, and injectionmoulding, is key to the production lines that companies develop today. Leading the way in this technology, working to find new andmore efficient ways of providing precise solutions, are the team from the Denroy Group Ltd. With their success in the European Enterprise Awards behind them, we take a closer look to understand how they’ve thrived in this particular market. Nov20677 The use of plastics and polymer components is widespread within manufacturing, but few businesses have taken the time to find ways to innovate the technology used to create these parts. The team at Denroy have risen through the ranks to become leading innovators in the field, constantly looking for new ways to achieve better returns on the part of their clients. The aspect that keeps the team looking forward is a commitment to innovation. At every stage of development, Denroy promotes a culture of ideas. These ideas explore ways to reduce waste and add important value to what the team produces. Instead of working to increase production, the invaluable results of the firm’s R&D department have created some truly stunning solutions on behalf of customers. Many of the solutions developed are entirely novel, adopting the new potential of digital technology where possible. The team’s manufacturing capacity is formidable indeed, with a range of machines that cater to a wealth of different demands. This impressive ability allows the team to produce components for customers that weigh anything thing from a few grams to 4.5 kilos in a range of materials. Maintaining capacity to produce items that vary from common polypropylenes to the high-grade engineering polymers such as PEEK, Ultem and PPS is no easy task, and why so many customers continue to turn to this impressive team for support. As mentioned before, the Denroy team are always looking for new ways in which they can reduce waste and are always exploring the possibilities of new processes to bring this dream to life. Currently, this has taken the form of robotic handling equipment, which is designed to ensure consistent manufacturing, guaranteeing the highest quality product on behalf of customers. Investing in this technology and making it into a practical option has involved a great deal of development, but it is the sort of work that makes Denroy into a world leading provider of plastics. This successful approach that champions innovation is why Denroy is one of only four companies around the globe to hold the prestigious ADS 21st Century Supply Chains Gold Award. This award demonstrates not only the triumph of the team, but the way in which they have become a crucial part of so many supply chains around the world. Ensuring a high standard at their end is the reason why so many businesses are able to continue maintaining such a high level and standard of construction. Lately, the team’s R&D department has been exploring new and exciting options not just for injection moulding, but for the prototyping and manufacture of items generally. As the team focus on hybrid moulding and overmoulding, thermoplast ic composi tes, thermoplastic welding and joining as well as the digital advances in the field of advanced 3D printing, there are certainly many different paths that could lead this amazing team to success. When it comes to plastics, and getting the most possible value from resources, the team at Denroy are second to none. Their work not only leads the sector, but guides the way forward for many businesses looking for success. Company: Denroy Group Ltd Contact: Gareth Deering Website: