European Enterprise Award 2020

34 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 European Enterprise Awards , Best Expense Management Software Platform & SME News Customer Service Award - Oxfordshire Webexpenses is a leading global provider of cloud-based spendmanagement software, intent on serving its expanding customer base to the best of its ability.With somany impressive achievements under this SaaS company’s belt, we find out a littlemore about their projects of the past, present and future. Dec20200 Founded in 2000, Webexpenses has seen a period of critical growth after coming under the leadership of Adam Reynolds in 2015, achieving a 30% yearly growth in revenue and a 400% increase in their customer base. With a flagship expenses solution that automates the expenses process of its client’s businesses, making for reduced processing time as well as reduced travel and expense costs, it also boasts a wide portfolio of other interests. To name a few, it has developed a supplier invoice management software for AP teams, solutions for corporate travel management, expense reimbursement, auditing, and a unique employee onboarding service. With a growing UK headquarters in Oxfordshire, they have also expanded overseas with offices in Australia and the US – but that is far from the extent of its operation. Webexpenses is available worldwide, with users in over 70 countries making up 2000 companies and over 300,000 users. When we asked CEO Adam Reynolds what he considers Webexpenses’ most stand-out feature, he said that it was indeed their customer service. The customer reviews speak for themselves; on both G2 and Capterra it enjoys a 4.5/5 star rating, and was awarded ‘category leader for expense management’ by Software Reviews thanks to the positive emotional footprint of its glowing testimonials. Amongst its most lauded features is its 24-hour support that is accessible five days a week over live chat, email and phone. This not only gives its clientele peace of mind but allows it to fully serve the worldwide community. The pandemic has also inspired this company to work even harder to find out how best to enhance its already incredible customer service acumen. Alongside moving forward with key deliverables for products and partners, it ran a poll to investigate Covid-19’s impact on businesses transitioning to remote work, and the challenges this was posing. The survey uncovered that 93% of respondents felt that the pandemic is a catalyst for digital transformation. Using this, Webexpenses has further championed digital transformation, remaining a front-runner in new digital updates and innovation to continually improve its services to users. Webexpenses firmly believes that investment in the right digital tools will streamline both remote and in-office processes for the better both now and in the future. In the midst of these developments, it was acquired by ELMO software in December of 2020, further aiding its expansion in Europe. Within its organisation, Webexpenses seeks to create an atmosphere of innovation and progression that champions learning. Partnered with many institutes of higher learning in order to support students, it offers them a range of graduate schemes, internships, and high quality work experience in an inspiring example of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to providing opportunities to those fresh out of university. With such a bright future ahead for Webexpenses, we asked what could be next on its agenda for 2021. In response to high demand, Webexpenses now helps automate other financial services with a standalone solution to managing Accounts Payable processes; namely, invoice processing. Automation removes up to 90% of the time taken to process invoices, reducing fraud and improving compliance whilst offering a seamless paperless alternative to current systems. Finance is also not their only area of interest as they also offer a unique employee onboarding tool for HR teams. ‘Webonboarding is a pioneering solution for a step in the onboarding process that is overlooked and managed poorly,’ Adam told us. Ever seeking to raise its own game, it’s not just stopping there. Webexpenses has been harnessing the power of the latest AI technology and embedding it into the expense claim process. This includes optical character recognition, or OCR, to read receipts and automatically build an expense claim from the data. The future product roadmap is centred around a commitment to reduce time and improve user experience through cutting-edge technology. As a final word, with such a wide-reaching and rapid expansion, Webexpenses has also kept the idea of corporate responsibility at its heart. It not only has a dedication to remaining conscious of its environmental impact, but takes part in a multitude of fundraising activities such as ‘Miles of May’, where its employees walked, ran or otherwise moved as many miles as possible during the month of May. Together, they accumulated 6841 miles, and raised over £1000. They have recently announced their sponsored charity for 2021 - SpecialEffects - and will be working with them on fundraising activities throughout the year. This company has really stepped up during the latest years of its life – and, evidently, the only direction from here is up. Company: Webexpenses Contact: Adam Reynolds Website: