European Enterprise Awards 2021

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Innovative Blockchain Tech Start-Up 2021 Taking an innovative approach to recruitment, Jobchain GmbHutilises cryptocurrency to create a seamless, international connection between jobseekers and employers. Facing the distrust of consumers and the challenging task of building a solid reputation, Jobchain GmbH has displayed a great amount of determination and perseverance in its short time of operating. Indeed, Jobchain GmbH is altering the face of the industry – combining tried and tested methods with new technologies. Starting its journey in 2019, Jobchain GmbH began through developing a fully optimised platform for web, Android, iOS and dWeb to enable anyone to find jobs and receive their salary in cryptocurrency. Through its in-app wallet, its users can store, buy, sell, send, receive cryptocurrencies, which in turn allows employers and jobseekers to connect around the globe, and in turn creates an accessible platform for members. Motivated by the rising issue of citizens not having access to banking and recruitment services, Jobchain GmbH is on a mission to improve people’s lives through technology. Jobchain GmbH views the current industry as a Roman colosseum in of which a few titans fight a tough battle against many impostors and opportunists. Henceforth, Jobchain GmbH Nov21639 endeavours to provide a trustworthy, secure service. As the company utilises multiple cryptocurrencies, it vows to safely store any personal or banking information. Furthermore, as customers can be hired anywhere at any time, it allows for such cryptocurrencies to be transferred into multiple international currencies, such as Yen, Yuan, and Ruble. Home to its own unique cryptocurrency known as JOB, the platform offers numerous benefits to users that opt to receive their salary in this form. The list is extensive – from cashback on online purchases to free subscriptions with Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon. Moreover, there are seven levels for JOB token holders, and benefits are received accordingly. The tokens are currently available from numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex, Digifinex, Probit, and 25 others, with plans to further increase the currency’s availability worldwide. Within the company, each decision is built upon its core values – innovation, respect, determination, loyalty, excellence, and integrity. Its daily activities are grounded within such principles. As a result, its team is equipped to deal with any challenges that it may face, and understands the boundaries created by the company. In addition, when hiring prospective employees, Jobchain GmbH searches for such traits within candidates, aiming to find new talents that are able to work independently, take initiative, and communicate effectively. An upcoming trend within the market is the rise of NFTs, and therefore, Jobchain GmbH is developing a unique 3D NFT marketplace, in of which users can buy/auction/sell their NFTs within different sectors. Furthermore, the pandemic has altered the course of the industry, as people have taken to working from home or are searching for new employment. Through this, Jobchain GmbH has benefitted greatly due to its mission of connecting people to employers, all the while removing large bank fees for international transactions and optimising payment methods. However, in an over-saturated industry it can be difficult to stand out amongst the competition. Therefore, Jobchain GmbH has developed a unique solution that unifies the recruitment and financial sectors. The corporation utilises international experts from the United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency or Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe, in order to accomplish its objective – to standardize cryptocurrencies through its platform and establish connections within all governments. Aiming to achieve this goal within the next couple of years, the future appears to be filled with opportunity. Through 2021 to 2023, Jobchain GmbH aims to encourage more partners, for example institutions and organizations, to adopt cryptocurrencies as a form of payment of their salaries through its platform and the Jobchain PAY expansion. As a result, the company hopes to expand its verification services to further ensure its users’ security. Contact: Nieves Velasco Company: Jobchain GmbH Web Address: Email: [email protected]