European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 9 , of ensuring further growth, ingraining itself and its charismatic, intelligent staff into the wider industry by way of networking, contacts, and making friends in the right places. It has also been sure to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry at large. Critically, its goal of becoming the number one cybersecurity firm in Europe will be made possible by both the connections it makes in the coming years, and the sophistication with which it keeps up with the ever-changing trends and developments of an industry in flux. With cybersecurity as a field – and cybercrime as a problem – evolving alongside society at large over the course of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep abreast of such things, and SQUAD has been continually proving its efficacy in rising to meet the challenges posed to it in this manner. Additionally, these changes and the exponential curve of cybersecurity in line with cybercrime is something SQUAD forecasted very early on. It witnessed the convergence of IT domains, and predicted that cybersecurity would become somewhat of a common ground for all activities relating to information systems technology : IT infrastructure, IT development, Cloud computing, and so on ; with the DevSecOps approach in mind, its experts began working on a new methodology to ensure a secured cyberspace with these assumptions in mind, which has put it in prime position to lead from the front of the pack in 2022. Going forward, it looks forward to serving the ever-growing field of cybersecurity and remote protection software, working hard to provide for a growing market segment. Building itself up on the charisma of its team and the effectiveness of its solutions, it will be serving new firms and organisation and old firms and organisations changing themselves to fit the new age, securing their future and their reputation by ensuring watertight cyber protection at every juncture. Having grown massively from its first steps abroad in Canada and Australia, it has been able to kickstart a growth spurt of its own that it is incredibly excited about continuing as it moves forward into the new year. Company: SQUAD Contact: Antoine Hautin Website: