European Enterprise Awards 2021

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21432 Best Market Leading Business Investment Firm 2021 Named after German apothecary Friedrich Sertürner’s (1783-1841) term forMorpheus, the God of Dreams, Morphin endeavours to consistently excel, climbing the ladder of success. Garnering a vast and diverse portfolio, the company searches for the most suitable investment opportunities that it can transformand help flourish. Indeed, achieving the accolade of Best Market Leading Business Investment Firm2021, Morphin has quickly pushed its way to the forefront of the industry. Founded in 2016, and over the past five years, Morphin has built a portfolio loaded with high-value investments. Its goal is simple – to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors. Moreover, the firm aims to ensure that its clients mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and endeavours to continuously excel. Operating within the Morphin group, the company currently manages committed capital across European mid-market buyout funds. As part of Morphin, the company has access to the accumulated knowledge of organisations who have set a high standard of excellence in sectors including Private Equity, Investment Management, Logistics, and Distribution. Indeed, Morphin’s reach extends not only across a variety of industries, but also around the globe. To the best of its ability – and to a higher level than many other firms – it applies international insights to keep its clients in the know and ahead of any market developments. In addition, Morphin seeks to buy market leading businesses that can be transformed through greater operational and strategic focus, and such sourcing opportunities are guided by its company values. At the heart of Morphin is a set of strong core values that inform the work it undertakes and have shaped the internal culture of the firm. Morphin simply lives its values, attributing them to its meteoric rise to success, and treats them as a priority. Combining passion and knowledge, the company aims to consistently provide a quality service, with a particular focus on client-centricity. Furthermore, trust, care, innovation, and pride dictate how the company operates on the day- to-day. Ultimately, Morphin aims to please its clients, and is willing to go above and beyond to find the best investment opportunities. Morphin’s team is patient in sourcing new investments, and they are willing to spend a vast amount of time and resources building conviction around an investment case. This ensures that its investment and operating team will have a detailed and effective plan for a business before acquiring it. It is such close attention to detail that has resulted in the company’s success. A key factor of its returns and investment opportunities is the potential it identifies to metamorphose the business via strategic repositioning, operational improvement, high-returning capital investment, and buy-and-build strategies. Therefore, it is clear as to how Morphin has obtained numerous accolades and titles in its few years of operating. Adding Best Market Leading Business Investment Firm 2021 to its collection, the company appears to have a bright and busy future ahead. Contact: Mohamed Al Nabih Company: Morphin Web Address: