European Enterprise Awards 2021

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21258 In the insurance world, there’s nothing else quite like YellowMay – an Innovative Insurance Consulting Company with its own online insurance marketplace that is home to thousands of products. Basing its decisions surrounding which providers tomarket on global data, the company takes an innovative approach to sales andmarketing strategies of the industry, providing valuable data to bringmore innovative products and approaches for its clients to the market. Through its B2B and B2C sectors, YellowMay is influencing the industry for a better future. YellowMay owns the world’s only international insurance marketplace that compares, and analyses insurances based on terms and conditions. Its extensive and diverse product portfolio includes data driven innovation and consulting, analytics, and advertising space through its marketplace. Indeed, YellowMay can offer with its well- rounded online insurance marketplace results that are tailored to the end customer’s needs and displays insurance companies to a potential one million users. YellowMay aims to provide a streamlined, high-quality service through the company’s business-to-business interactions. YellowMay´s core of all analysis is its globally renowned marketplace that is stocked with over 9000 insurance products from over 45 countries. The company is aiming to have 1 million insurance products in the marketplace by 2028 – each of which having been reviewed upon its terms and conditions. Supplying travel, ID theft, and mobile gadget insurance, it asks a multitude of questions to determine what’s best for the customer’s needs, and then displays an array of options. The YellowMay Marketplace makes the process easy – as the companies have already been verified, the customer simply has to choose a provider. Home to a close-knit, passionate team, YellowMay prides itself on its years of combined experience and its dedication to excellent service. Jussi Tommola, the company’s founder, is the team’s insurance expert, with over 15 years of experience across multiple countries. He aims to unite his team and push them towards a common goal, and constantly strives towards improvement. YellowMay’s cofounder, Jouni Heinonen serves as the reputation guru, and has collected over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Kristin, Antti, and Simon each hold their own responsibilities, and devote themselves to YellowMay’s development. Additionally, it is vital to YellowMay that each member of the team can offer their own experiences and talents, bringing something new to the table. In a fierce and over-saturated industry, it is imperative that YellowMay stands out from its competition. Therefore, YellowMay is revolutionizing the industry with worldwide insurance data based on terms and conditions, subverting the old methods still used by many. Moreover, through its vast database, it is able to deliver unique insights and leads to companies that want to enter or are already part of the market. In turn, this helps its clients to develop innovative new products as well as increase their market share and revenue. The insurance industry has changed greatly over the last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been forced to adapt to the buying trends of customers, who have made the switch to online shopping. YellowMay has been observing and analysing this behaviour in the online insurance world through its Marketplace which makes the company a truly trustworthy partner for data and analytics towards innovative insurance products. Going forward, YellowMay will further utilise its unique algorithm to analyse more insurance product segments like life insurance, other P&C insurances, (car-, home- and pet insurance etc.) to name some from the pipeline and so enable the industry to create innovative insurance products that meet the demand of the buyers. Contact: Jussi Tommola Company: YellowMay Web Address: InsurTech Innovator of the Year 2021