European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 21 , Furthermore, they publish FundingVoice, a free e-magazine which provides tips and advice from experts about business growth, improving cashflow and getting access to the latest funding offers. Looking ahead, the team at FundInvoice aim to increase the number of companies that they help. Therefore, they are constantly seeking new ways to spread the message about how receivables financing can unlock cash tied up in unpaid invoices to support business growth. Unlike many other forms of finance, the amount of funding grows as turnover increases. This makes it an ideal option for growing businesses. The more people FundInvoice can connect with, the more it can help find the best funding solutions available. Company: FundInvoice LLP Contact: Glenn Blackman Email: [email protected] Website: Nov21222 Best Invoice Finance Brokerage - UK FundInvoice was formed in 2013 by Glenn Blackman and SeanMorrowwho worked together at Barclays in the late 1980s. They had extensive experience within the receivables financing sector, but at that point, products such as factoring, and invoice discounting were not well- known to UK businesses. Glenn and Sean launched FundInvoice to bring these cash flow enhancing services to UK companies. FundInvoice specialises in invoice finance, but it also sources other forms of business finance for companies. Customers don’t have to pay the company to use its service, which is an attractive benefit. That coupled with the 29% average cost savings found by its team for customers (over the last three years) means that checking prices through FundInvoice’s service makes financial sense. FundInvoice stands out from the rest because it has conducted an extensive programme of research regarding the receivables financing sector. This includes product and pricing research, shared free of charge with a wide range of UK finance companies, so they can better meet the needs of UK businesses. The company strives to be a thought leader within the sector and regularly assists new market entrants and existing providers that are seeking to improve their product offerings. Customers and client companies regularly leave glowing reviews on the FundInvoice website, with the average customer satisfaction rating being 4.9 out of 5. From its base in East Sussex, FundInvoice can serve companies across the UK thanks to technological advances. The digital way of working enables the company to deliver a very personal service, support, and guidance, without the need to constantly travel the country for face-to-face visits. This also reduces its carbon footprint, without compromising on service quality. The team at FundInvoice is small, but every single member provides a personal service to customers. They try to go the extra mile and make themselves available whenever needed, be that day or night. The team thrives on being able to help businesses that are in difficult situations. They take pride in the number companies they have helped to turn their businesses around with the help of an injection of new working capital. They relish the chance to save customers money and so measure themselves in terms of the cost savings they have found for customers. Their other focus is on speed of delivery, as customers sometimes need cash quickly. The record is for funds to have been released to the customer within just seven hours of initial contact. Clients don’t only benefit from outstanding service, FundInvoice is in touch with a wide range of financiers, meaning it is always aware of the latest offers and discounts that are available. In some cases, these can be exclusive to its own customers. Also, the company has embedded its funding partners’ technology within its website, so customers can access finance quotes within just 60 seconds. FundInvoice wants to be seen as the first choice to help UK businesses seeking receivables financing.