European Enterprise Awards 2021

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21221 Best ITMigration Services Provider - Czech Republic T1 Solution delivers innovative cloud solutions through its technical expertise and established processes. It has, over the years, built long-term relationships with global clients, scaling themas their technology needs have grown. Founded in 2014, T1 Solution believes in high transparency, unification, standardisation and auditable infrastructural eco systems which present a clear transformational shift in IT. This means that consumption, planning, migration, integration, and transition to and operation of cloud platforms must be approached in a brand- new way, with new solutions and a fresh set of skills. This is achieved through embracing not only cloud technologies, but also by adopting new culture and processes through the introduction of methods such as DevOps, continuous integration and continuous development and delivery. With more than 10 years’ experience in managing on-premise enterprise workloads and large critical business application, T1 Solution knows all critical issues that can occur with the digital transformation to cloud, and has a level of expertise that allows it to achieve zero unplanned outages. For example, by analysing and preparing workload to be ready to move to cloud (SAP system Unicode, upgrade version, redesign to Intel, etc.) to fit clients’ business needs and achieve smooth transformation. The business is underpinned by its own cloud operation services and it supplies and uses best-in-class cloud-ready frameworks from different technology providers to manage the combined infrastructure environment on a true 24/7 basis, in an ISO 27001, ISAE 34002 certified environment. When delivering projects and team augmentation, T1 Solution provides its own engineers, consultants and architects, and it prides itself on treating its employees as individuals. The culture across the company is based on friendliness and helpfulness, with its people striving to work as a team and keep a mutual team spirit. T1 Solution supports an individual and flexible attitude to work rather than having strict working rules. It also supports continuous education, especially in modern IT in order to keep up to speed with technology, and trains employees itself, along with external certification and training centres. When it comes to adding new team members, it searches for talented people who focus on innovative and modern cloud- based technologies. Over the last two years, the need for cloud services has accelerated globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many companies have been forced to expedite their digital transformation. Even without the pandemic, however, cloud computing would still likely be on the rise. The many benefits of cloud computing include reduced costs, improved service quality and increased flexibility, driving a transformative new business model. In addition to this, by providing access to the newest technologies and innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud technologies help companies stay ahead of competition. Another trend which is affecting the industry is the current energy crisis. Prices are rapidly going up which will have a negative impact on the future of running local on-premise. Therefore, T1 Solution views this is a great opportunity and the right time to consider moving to the public cloud where it, as the big cloud provider can easily handle these issues. Indeed, T1 Solutions is a highly successful and ambitious company and it has lots of big plans and opportunities for improvement coming up over the next year. Speaking about T1 Solution’s success in the European Enterprise Awards 2021, Cloud Consultant, Ale Kratochvíl said, “Big thank you to all the people in our company. Each of them has a share in our success, showing that they are the foundation of our company. We are very proud of our people for overcoming challenges and meeting their targets, and for helping us to have a positive working atmosphere.” Company: T1 Solution, s.r.o. Contact: Ales Kratochvil and Venek Otevrel, Executive Management Email: [email protected] / ales. [email protected] Website: