European Enterprise Awards 2021

24 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21323 Best Global LiquidMarine Collagen Supplements Manufacturer 2021 Kollo is a ground-breaking new product that has recently burst onto the health scene. Backed by science and certified by Informed Sport, the product boasts a variety of health benefits, including enhanced joint function and healthier skin. Whilst the sachets may be small they are mighty, filled with a plethora of vitamins and a powerful 10g dose of marine collagen. There’s nothing on the market quite like Kollo – a liquid collagen supplement with a power-packing 10g of premium marine collagen. Combined with vitamins B and C, Kollo is formulated to give a natural whole-body health boost to both men and women. The supplement, backed by science, promotes healthier skin, hair and nails, whilst supporting stronger bone, joint and cartilage function. Kollo is not filled with false or exaggerated promises – it simply does what it says on the packaging and is therefore a product you can trust. Kollo contains more marine collagen than any other product on the market, including its seven-gram predecessor. Filled with B1, B5, B6, B12, and vitamin C and l-lysine, it is packed with ingredients that aid natural collagen production within the skin, bones, and cartilage. Moreover, the formula rapidly absorbs into the body, providing noticeable effects in as little as two weeks. Multiple studies have displayed the benefits of taking collagen supplements – Kollo’s key ingredient, type 1 marine collagen peptides, has been the focus of many. A consumer panel study from Japan covers the results of four weeks of usage, and the consumers reported an improvement in their overall skin health. Noting the reduction of wrinkles, increased skin firmness, and radiance. The study ultimately suggests that the oral daily intake of 10g of this type 1 collagen can counteract skin ageing and benefit skin health. Furthermore a French study, where one group took a placebo and the other took a dose of type 1 collagen, found a significant reduction in wrinkles in those taking type 1 collagen. Additionally, there was an increase in skin hydration amongst the group taking collagen, and between weeks six and 12 there was a great improvement in skin elasticity. It is clear that Kollo works, providing enormous natural benefits to its customers. However, the company itself has also been built with the customer in mind. Kollo prides itself on its integrity and honesty – everything it does is backed by logic and science, from the creation of its packaging to the way it communicates with its customers. Indeed, client-centricity is the company’s priority, and it endeavours to provide excellent customer service. It is with this goal firmly in mind that Kollo strives to constantly improve through cultivating a healthy working environment its team is always working to the best of their ability. In addition, sustainability is a key element of Kollo’s branding, as it aims to be as eco- friendly as possible. Doing its bit to create a green workplace, Kollo is committed to using 100% recyclable boxes, compostable parcel bags, and eco-friendly inserts. What’s more, Kollo has opted to work with TerraCycle’s “Zero Waste Box™️” solution. This involves the customer saving up a large envelope worth of empty sachets and sending the company an email for returns. Kollo will then send the customer a packing slip to send back to them for guaranteed recycling. It appears that the company has a bright future ahead, having already garnered thousands of positive reviews. Many comment that the company fulfils its promise of sustainability, and that it’s one of the most eco-conscious companies they’ve seen on the market. One customer, who works in marketing, stated that, ‘their packaging is no nonsense.’ There are a plethora of reviews singing the product’s praises – from joint pain to the regrowth of hair, people are truly impressed with the benefits of taking Kollo. Contact: Natasha Whiting Company: Kollo Health Ltd Web Address: